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Name: Jessica Ann James
NN: Jessi
Age: 18
Birthday: February 13
Birthplace: Missouri

Jessica was born into a well-to-do family, however she didn't take to that life too well. She got her older brother to teach her how to shoot when she was about 7 years old, and was a natural at it. Her parents weren't thrilled when they caught her shooting cans off the fence. They banned her from ever touching a firearm again. Jessi refused to tell them who taught her, because she knew her brother would get it. She was expected to be a lady, more like her younger sister. Unfortunatly for her parents, Jessi had a knack for trouble.

The older she got, the more trouble she'd get into. Jessi tried so hard to please her parents, but it never happened. Especially when the horrible day came when Jessi was 14. After accidentily shooting Gabe Johnson in the leg, she was brought home and got into a fight with her parents, so she'd taken off on one of the horses. When she returned, it was at the same time as her brother's body was being brought back. Jessi couldn't take it, after finding out what had happened, the girl flipped. She took off after the guy who had shot her brother, and shot him. This time she wasn't aiming for a leg.

After that, Jessi rode off out of town and headed more west. Fourteen years old and quickly becoming an outlaw. Not quite what she had in mind for her future, but she didn't care anymore. Four years later, Jessi is 18 and working in a saloon in Texas. She hasn't told anyone where she'd come from, only that her name was Jessica James. It had been a small Missouri town and no one searched that far for her. Of course her knack for trouble never left. She keeps a gun in her garter, and her attitude makes a great shell.

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Pan Historia Junction
Wild As The West Texas Wind - Out of Print

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