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In the Ile de Torture ~ Tales of Pirates and Buccaneers Novel:

Jeffrey Hawkins: Captain of the Silver Hawk

Jeffrey Hawkins had seen some of the world. Not so much as he had planned, when he first set out to sea on his first ship at the age of 16. He sailed with every ship he could sign on and when he was 22 ended up stranded in Bombay with no means, and no ship. He joined a slaver a year later and sailed from the African Coastline
to India and back for the next two years.
As the fates would have it, he became captain of that very ship, now the Silver Hawk when he was 26. Piloting a slave ship had not what he had in mind when he decided he would see his fortune made on the high seas and he soon learned the way of pirates and freebooters, he and his crew taking their pleasures where they found them; on the open waters of the Indian Ocean and the shores of Madagascar. Now at 28 he and his crew have abandoned eastern shores for the warm waters and exotic islands of the Caribbean,
as well as the promise of Spanish gold.
But Jeffrey Hawkins could not imagine what the fates still held in store for him. He could have never foreseen that his future would be so dangerously linked to the mysteries of his past and the West Indies. He could never have imagined he would be so easily captured and fall so willingly into the arms of a woman who captained her own ship; brought him to new heights of passion
he had never known, could never escape....
Morgan Adams was as beautiful as she was deadly. She was fire. And she was fierce in her desires and had a passion for life, and a cruel twist of fate delivered her, body and soul, into Jeffrey�s arms. There she scortched his blood and captured his heart. But the path they travel is forbidden. Will the two young lovers tempt the Devil�s hand and pursue their desire for each other, damn the consequences? Will the fates that have brought them together be the very evil that tears them apart? Jeffrey Hawkins knows only that his desire for Morgan is strong. But loyalties and his past will soon come to claim him away from her...
...and she may be forced to kill him before their time is through...

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Ile de Torture ~ Tales of Pirates and Buccaneers
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