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"Nun aber lass uns ganz hinübertreten in die Welt hinein, die monden ist."
Vergiss, Rainer Maria Rilke

With a good bath and scrub, this obvious Greek woman, might even be called a good looker.
Praetor of Illyricum Gaius Valerius Silius.

Lysandra is 26 years old and was born to a family of immigrants from Sparta. At the age of 15 she was given in marriage to a local mason called Diokles, owner of a prosperous workshop, and had two children by him: Philippus (10) and Berenike (6). After her husband was killed when the city was attacked by pirates, Lysandra found herself forced to take the reins of his business and protect what was left of her family. She’s 5’6’’ tall, has long dark brown hair, brown eyes and light olive complexion.

Miles away across the Mare Adriaticum, far from the marble colonnades of the imposing Forum Romanum and the vast Campus Martius, the Roman legions detached to secure the protectorate of Illyricum under the Praetor Gaius Valerius Silius struggle to restablish peace and order in the battered cities found by the Greeks centuries ago.

In the obscure alleys of the maze-like port city of Dyrrhachium, the population fight to survive the difficult days brought by a recent pirate attack. In the military Castrum outside the city walls, the Roman legions plan the rebuilding and romanization of the crumbling city. In the dark forests of the north, barbarians plot to take their share of the Roman grain and money poured into the province.

On what side will you stand?


Top and banner image - Cover photo of the CD La Verità in Cimento,
opera by Antonio Vivaldi. Jean-Christophe Spinosi, Ensemble Matheus. Opus 111
Avatar and RPG banner images: HBO Rome series
Illyricum banner image: Gladiator
Many thanks to Adeia Euridyke for helping me design this page!

Vergiss, by Rainer Maria Rilke. Schönherz & Fleer, Das Rilke Projekt - Bis an alle Sterne.

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Rome: The Power & The Glory
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Rome: The Power & The Glory

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Most Sympathetic Landlady in Rome
March 2009
Best Use of Latin in an Emotive Post
June 2007

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