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Born in 1698 Paris, I was an ambitious social climber who found immortality the perfect solution to my hunger for power and unholy desires. Turned by a beautiful Vampiress in 1728, women ever my downfall, I joined the living dead as Lord Derryk A'Fal�nt, social climber, banker, Vampire. In 1893 I fled Paris for the dark, cruel streets of London. There I feasted on the blood of rich and beautiful women, always my prime choice, my prey that of wealthy young heiresses and hungry wives who sought the ultimate pleasures, who paid well for my services with both their gifts and their blood. I established my place in London society as Derrick Fallyon, arms dealer and connoisseur of the erotic delights of women and my desires knew no bounds. But I grew suspect when I did not age and soon left the dank streets of London to return to France as Derryk Phallon. In the 1980's I found the Living Vampire Theatre and the perfect hiding place to perfect what I was. I was at last free to indulge my blood lust and sexual desires among my own kind and soon discovered a powerful world I had only a brief introduction to before. I learned of the Council for Vampires, the House of Erebus and knew I was destined to take my place on this illustrious Council of the Dead. The ultimate seat of power had to be mine. So now, here in the modern city of New York I seek to fulfill that destiny. One woman will be mine. Mine to take and destroy. She alone holds the key to my place in the House of Erebus. I have traced her to the Americas, this Tempest Storm of the Dragonetti Tribe has left her seat vacant far too long. I will have her and her seat on the Council....

Christianna Lamb�rt, Countess,
Possessed and obsessed with Derryk
Phallon. Entrapped by his desire,
his blood lust, became his first
companion in 1863, fleeing with
him to London and then again to
return to her home in Paris. And now
she too resides within the secret folds
of the Living Vampire Theatre, serving
Derryk's needs and his will.
But she knows her time is short with
the powerful Vampire. His insatiable
lust for power could destroy her....

Julia Woods....
Recently taken by Derryk to guard him
while he sleeps during the day...

Currently a writing member of 'The Canopy Pirates'

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Zone : Horror
The Canopy Pirates
City of the Undead - Out of Print

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