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The captain of the Windraider was the one pirate
she should not have gone looking for?

When Liberty StarCastle, Captain of the Black Star
headed west in search of aide against
the insane and sadistic Lord Anthony Bridgeport,
she had no idea she would be walking into a far more dangerous
situation than the one she had been running from, with Raider Prescott.
The handsome rogue was not a man to be toyed with,
or tricked, especially by a woman, pirate captain or no,
and she had unfortunately done both to the powerful pirate captain.
She had crossed him, and he had not seen fit to forgive her for it.
Old scores did not rest quietly in the past with this man.

But there was no one else she could trust? one she could turn to for help.

She had to face him, along with her worst fears.
She would be forced to confront her misplaced desire for the pirate
and hope to escape unscathed in the process.
But facing the rogue on his terms was no easy task for Liberty.
A proud, beautiful, and stubborn woman who had courageously
carved out her own destiny, truly believed she could
control the man long enough to get what she needed
from the pirate...but that was not to be.

Heated passions he had easily aroused within her from years before
quickly burst into flame once more at the mere sight of the man.
His touch set her ablaze as if he were the Devil himself
about to claim her very soul.
Liberty knew she had to guard her heart against the dangerous assault
on her emotions if she is to win out and
survive the sensual power this pirate had over her.
But Liberty StarCastle is no fool. She knows escape from this man
and the way he makes her feel might not be possible?
...might not be entirely what she wants?
...and that is her greatest fear.

But then again, perhaps escaping Raider Prescott
was never her intent?.

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You Are A Pirate!

What Type Of Swashbuckler Are You?
brought to you by Maddog Varuka & Dawg Brown

I stole this from QUESTER!
Don't be leavin' this stuff lyin' about, mate!

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Great writing!
Aug 25, 2011 01:13 am

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