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Daughter of the Sea

Nerissa: Daughter of the Sea in the Kingdom of Camar:

Nerissa was born into service. As a member of the Camar, she has only known the confines of the Palace Walls; and those who inhabit the inner sanctuaries of those walls. Her mother was a maiden of the court, of some status she was told, and her father? She did not know, he was not spoken of within the circles of the Camar, though she suspected he was an Elder Mer. She may never know. As a female she can only serve as she has been instructed by the others. Ramanus, a powerful Mer of war whose only ambitions is to possess, to rule, to conquer, has been her overseerer for many months now. And though he has given her much, he is cruel and demanding, and Nerissa has grown tired of pleasing him. But he keeps her close. He has plans for her, he tells her in the heat of passion. He has a future that she will be a part of, he promises her in the dark. But she is no foolish mermaid, swimming in uncharted waters. She knows well, this Mer�s is not to be trusted. Or believed.

Alea, Nerissa's Mother

Dakkas: Leether Guard

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