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Furnella is one of the owners of the former The Spinning Horn in Hogsmeade. Renamed the Imperial Crown & Cauldron she and her sister Phlagmelina Hodfuffer and and brother Lardsnelter Hodfuffer.

Furnella is often called Furn or Furnie by friends and family. Phlagmelina hates nicknames but if she must be called one, she's most likely to answer to Lina. Never Mel. When in a really bad mood, family members tend to call her Black Phlag, but never to her face. On really really horrid days, we use a play on Phlagmelina's middle name of Grimulon and refer to her as The Grim. Lardsnelter, for obvious reasons, tells everyone he meets to call him Lars.

Furnella is divorced. Almost straight out of Hogwarts she married American Virgil Flefferfore. When their son Phinfilius was in his early teens Virgil and Furnie split somewhat acromoniously. She returned to Great Britain. Phin had been living with Virgil so he could stay in the school he knew and be with his friends but in time he asked to come live with Furnie and attend Hogwarts. Virgil and Furnie eventually mended their relationship, becoming friends. Virgil is now very happily married to Vivien Brixton Reily. They have one child together, a daughter called Cassandra. Vivien also has a daughter from her first marriage, Jewel, who is the same age as Phin. Jewel Reily is married to Bailey Gray.

Phlagmelina is single but is now in a serious relationship that is on the path towards marriage.

Lars is married to American Bambi Fandango, who was the librarian at Hogwarts for several years. They have a daughter Amethyst and a son to be named Giles Cormac due in March.

Furnella's son Phinfilius Hodfuffer-Flefferfore has recently come to permanently stay with her and attend Hogwarts when the 1999-2000 term begins.
The Hodfuffer parents are mother Chillzab Bones Hodfuffer and father Buckterlus Hodfuffer.
The eight Hodfuffer siblings in order are as follows:
Fooglehauser Buckterlus - married to Trina Nettles; two children; Wiggersmythe (), Gloriaspasiana 6)
Furnella Qwirtillia - divorced from Virgil Flefforfore; one child; Phinfilius Rusticodlinger Hodfuffer-Flefferfore ()
Fantameria Brassilotus - twin of Flossibralin and married to Hank Marchbanks; four children; Hydrangea (), Barontaine (), Leonine (), Cornington ()
Flossibralin Silvestrion - twin of Fantameria and married to Anne Birch; one child; Augustus Octavion ()
Phlagmelina Grimulon - single, never married; no children
Lardsnelter McGillahootie - married to Bambi Fandango; two child, Amethyst Ruby (11), Giles Cormac (9)
Glyndermyerlyn Tasmadril- married to Basil Brecknock; three children Joe (12), Myra (11), Glyn (10)
Asterjoylian Hundlemears - married to Mariposa Ravensdale (divorced from Stella Hobday); Jacinda, Javier

Lardsnelter "Lars" Hodfuffer

Asterjoylian "AJ" Hodfuffer

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Good creation of atmosphere and character
Feb 01, 2017 02:20 pm
Very well-written.
May 31, 2014 02:51 pm

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