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In The Salem Novel:

Jonny's partner Jake makes a surprise visit while Agent May is preparing a spell:

"I wouldn't consider that a ditch. It looks like a hole to me."

Jonny, bone tired from digging a ditch large enough to stand in, flung the next shovel of dirt up at where he thought the voice of his boss and friend, Jake Patterson came from. Jonny hated dark moon spells. Can't see shit!!

"Fuck you! Ya messin everything up!"

Reluctant to let go of his shovel, he sent the now dark flashlight on its way, faraway, with mere a flick of his head.

"Hey!" Jake was thrown into darkness, "How are we supposed to see?"

"WE ahnt! I don't remember invitin' ya heah!" He resumed digging, trying to make the hole look more like a ditch.

Searching the commons on his hands and knees looking for the dead flashlight wasn't appealing. Jake opted for feeling his way over to the backpack, laying illuminated by a candle next to the hole. Jake sat on the grass and continued talking while searching Jon's backpack to see what delights lay waiting inside. One never knew what Jon May carried around.

"I'm your partner again remember?"

Jonny stopped digging and leaned on the shovel. Breathless he looked up.

"Light anotha candle fucka."

Jake did.

"So whats with that anyway?" Jon wiped is forehead with the sleeve of his sweatshirt.

Jake shrugged. "I don't know."

"Ya a friggin' liar! " He resumed shoveling. "I can see ya know somethin' and I divvied ya up! Somethin's up an ya not tellin' me." He sighed. It was getting late. He surveyed the ditch.

"See that bag? Just take it an pour it out around the ditch."

"Its a hole."


Jake did as he was told and dug into a large black garbage bag filled with herbs.

"What is this stuff?

"Its incense. Dittany of Crete, mugwort and wormwood."

Jake made a trail of the incense around the now ditch-like hole.

"This is really illegal you know that right?" Jake asked, always the optimist where witchcraft was concerned. "This is breaking and entering, tresspassing and destruction of property. This is public land."

"We're FBI rememba?...Were supposta destroy stuff t'look cool. Anyway, I got the okay from Bellagosi."

Jonny finished up the ditch and stepped out. Sitting on the grass, he began pulling off his shoes and socks.

"What are you doing?" Jake stopped in his tracks.

Jonny laughed as he unzipped his jeans and yanked them down, tossing them in the grass, near the ditch.

"Oh my God!" Jake panicked. "You're not doing this naked are you?"

"Its a dark moon! Part of the spell. Go on. Drop 'em. No one's gonna see! C'mon Jake, we got a lot of drumming an dancin' t'do!!"

Jake dropped the bag.

"I'm outta here!" .

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