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Rebecka Anne lives with her parents, older brother Ryan, and her younger sister Rachelle. All three siblings attend Forks high with Becka's brother Ryan finishing his last year. She is extremely close with her entire family but especially with Rachelle who is the same age as her.

John, their father, had an affair in which Rachelle was the product of. No one knew until Rachelle's mother dropped her off on their door step and never came back. Laura, their mother, decided that if they were to stay together as a family they'd move to a small town thus they moved to Forks at three years of age and Ryan four.

Becky loves Forks and all the people in it, most of whom she grew up with except a boy who she finds herself rapidly falling for...

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In Life As We Know It:
Rebecka is an honest, sweet and outgoing woman. She teaches at the Paranormal University where she once attended. She loves her job and being around kids who are different just like her, she has the gift of ghostly communication. Becky can see as well as speak with them as well as a witch.

She currently lives with her best friend Hayden Jones who is also a professor but at Marsala University. Her older brother Ryan has the same gift but her sister Rachelle doesn't. Her family is slightly dysfunctional but she loves them.

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