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A Man Named Utah

A long tall lean drink of water; gunslinger, drifter, and cowhand, wanderer and poet, don't you know it.

Utah never means another feller harm but life has a way of throwing him for a loop, just like a young bronc giving just the right kind of twist. So while Utah likes to think he's just a simple honest cowpoke, fact is a lot of men would call him a daring desparado, an unredeemed outlaw, and a killer. Other men have called him 'marshal'.

The small glow of the lamp over the hotel register, shaded as it was, threw his cheekbones into high relief and left his eyes hollows of darkness. The night clerk saw only a big man, in dusty range clothes, who signed his name in the slow, cramped manner of a man unaccustomed to the pen. Hibbs handed him his key and the man turned and started up the steps.

As he climbed, the light traveled down over his lean hips and picked out the dull luster of walnut-stocked guns, ten slid down to the worn boots and the California-style spurs. When the heels vanished, Hibbs waited no longer but turned the register and peered at the name. Without another instant of delay he came from behind the counter, cast one quick glance up the stairs, and bustled out the door.

Louis L'Amour, A Man Named Utah

Free as the breeze, and I ride where I please.
saddle tramp . . .
Branded, no never, I'll not be tied down
trapped by some fair ladies smile...

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