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Beta 7 ain't one of those cushie prisons most of the civilized races use. It ain't much more then a 3by5 cell that's used to keep us animals in check. Or so they think. Beta 7 is where they send you when they want to forget you exist. Beta 7 is where you end up when civilized-kind can find no redeeming qualities in you any more. Beta 7 is where the lowest of the low go when even the other criminals are afraid of you. And here I was, smack dab in the middle of Beta 7. Life some times has a wicked sense of humor.

I can't say I hate the place. I haven't been here all that long. It took a couple of weeks to try me, then I spent a couple of months in a holding cell on one of the better prison planets. By the time I made it here, my crimes had become stuff of legends. Its not like I did much really. I just tried to destroy Babylon 6.

With a wicked grin, I slide my hands under my head and stare at the ceiling in my little armpit of a cell. Its dark right now as the planet is in its orbit around the dark side of its moon. In a day or two we should be back to having light but until then, all us animals were kept in our cells where we were safe. If you ask me, I figure it's the guards that needed the reassurances of being safe.

Somewhere nearby I can hear the dull sound of something dripping. Its nearly muted cadence is a constant reminder of where I was. I could hear the soft whispers of those in the darkness beyond my own little circle of Hades. At the moment I would have liked the soundproof cells of the better prisons just to be rid of that incessant noise.

The convict to the left of me is humming a tune as he scratches at the walls. I could envision him laying in his bunk, much as I am, absently scratching as his mind wonders to other places. The convict to the right of me is poised over his pot defecating. Surely there was no other reasonable answer for the sounds and smells coming from his direction. Despite the two of them marring my otherwise lovely time spent in the dark, nothing could intrude on what I saw behind my closed lids.


I wasn't going to be a member of this penial colony for much longer. I had gotten word on where to find my wondering husband, which was the final bit of information I had been waiting on. It was time to leave this pit and return to the life I so thoroughly enjoy. It was time to set my plan in motion.

Carefully I sat up and peered into the darkness past the bars. Some where just beyond my line of sight was a bit of light glowing softly. I knew it was the guards station. Soon they would be coming around to feed us animals. You would think that would be a good time to break out of here but in truth, it wasn't. Security was much tighter during the darkouts then when the prison was filled with light. No, for now I would wait. In a day or two, I would be on my way back to Babylon 6.

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June 2007

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