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Charlie Weasley. Second son of Arthur and Molly. Now lives in Hogsmeade. Brother of Bill, Percy, George, Fred, Ron, and Ginny. Birthday: December 12th.

Was married to Helena Tufton in a Muggle ceremony. Eloped while in Las Vegas at a conference in August 1996. Split on their official, formal, Wizarding wedding day, New Year's Eve 1996. Never obtained a divorce, Muggle or Wizarding. Helena was found dead in July 1997. The events surrounding her death have never been solved but recent information indicates someone named Afton Carew had Helena murdered.

Charlie wed Hendrika Tenbrook on December 27, 1999. They had a son, Charles Schuyler, on March 25, 2000. Hendrika's and Charlie's second son was due around February 17, 2001 but arrived over a month and a half early. Arthur Septimus was born January 1, 2001. Ava Olivia followed on April 30, 2005.

A dragon keeper at a Scottish reserve, the MacFusty Hebridean Black Preserve, Charlie also teaches a course on Tuesdays and Thursday for Marjoribanks College, St. Emrys University. Charlie also plays bass for the band Dragon.

***The character of Charlie Weasley is the property of JKRowling.***

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