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In the The New Commonwealth Novel:

Name: Linnis D'Trel
Race: Human
Height : 5'10"
Build: Slim, athletic
Hair: Long, brown
Eyes: Blue

Abilities: Deadly with blade, bow and gun, she is a warrior mercenary by trade. She goes where there is money to be made.

Personality: A loner, she does not feel comfortable around people. She hates men with a passion, and will usually try to prove herself better than they are.

Family: Adopted by Lord and Lady D'Trel, she was brought up as their daughter along with her step-brother Sorren. When she was 16 their home was attacked by an invading army and her entire family was killed. She was made to watch as the soldiers killed them, then raped her. She learned to use her Father's sword and set about avenging her family's death and her own abuse. She now has a distrust of men and has never been close to any male.

My Novels:

The New Commonwealth - Out of Print
Thicker Than Blood - The Sisterhood and Their Brethren
Zone : Science Fiction
Short Cuts
The Jedi Civil War - Out of Print
New Mytilini - Out of Print
Crimson Kiss
Threshold - Out of Print

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Akila Circe
Lady Cassandra Seahawke
Avaria KelTahn
Doran Cloudrunner
Cerise Buss
Jacen Solo
Tatiana D Ilyinskaya
Xanthie Shassmeen

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