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In Wickwire University:

I see dead people. Okay, so I've had these paranormal occurances since I was a kid. People always thought I was kidding. Then that damn movie came out and well, I see dead people.

Now I'm going to attend Wickwire University and see if I can do something for this. I mean, I play guitar in some of the places around New Orleans, but I'd like to have a future. Besides, if I'm going to see these ghosts, I'd like to be able to talk to them!

I've been reading up on the instructors at Wickwire and I am thinking it would be cool to study with them. Besides, I can't wander around a lost twenty-something forever...although my Mom is convinced I will (but then she still thinks I'm at NYU--Kidding!).

Anyway, I'm in a new apartment these days located behind Charles Aubrey and Salome Valmonte's house. They're great "roomies" in that they let me come in and liberate food from the fridge and do my laundry. They've also been known to keep my fridge stocked with YooHoo, my fave drink! We're a crazy crew, but we keep each other going!

So, stop by Bourbon street some night to hear me playing on the street or in a club, or I'll see you around campus!

Second Year ~ Paranormal Studies
Class Schedule



9am - 10:30am ~ Paranormal Photo Analysis (Sullivan)
2pm - 4pm ~ Paranormal Investigation II (Cavanuagh)


9am - 10:30am ~ US Haunted History (Sullivan)
2pm - 4pm ~ Parapsychology II (Plum)


9am - 10:30am ~ Paranormal Investigation II (Cavanuagh)
2pm - 4pm ~ Advanced Demonology (Sanchez)


9am - 10:30am ~ Psychic Development I (de Leon)
2pm - 4pm ~ Parapsychology II (Plum)


9am - 10:30am ~ Advanced Demonology (Sanchez)
2pm - 4pm ~ US Haunted History (Plum)


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Wickwire University: Journey Into the Unknown - Out of Print
Zone : Horror

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Charles Aubrey
Salome Valmonte

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