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    Miss Beatrice Merriman is the daughter of the late Mr. Edward Merriman, Railroad magnate. Since the invention of a chemical fuel that revolutionalized steam technology by her grandfather, the Merriman family has been a household name. Currently, Merriman Railroads is the number one railroad line on the continent, providing affordable coach travel to the masses, as well as luxury cars for the wealthy.

    Beatrice's brother Benedict is an inventor, although no where as successful as his grandfather, nor is he as good at business as their father had been. Still, he persists at his trade, making small advances in the field of gadgetry for the Royal Espionage Society.

    Benedict's clockwork insects are currently in high demand, if only he could work out all the bugs, so to speak.

    Beatrice (known as Bee to her intimates) spends much of her time traveling, either for the family business or to explore and archive the wild Dustlands. Her entourage often includes:

    her lady's maid Jayne,

    and her steward Raphael.

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Shades of Un-Reality
The Io Effect - Out of Print
The Crossroads
The Cradle of Legends
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Ghost Nebula
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