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Full Name: Lyndsey Allison Knapp Soloman

Age: 34

Birthdate: February 1, 2366

Birthplace: Europa city, Deneb

Eye Color: green

Hair Color: light brown with a hint of red

Build/Body type: athletic; fit

Height: 5'11"

Weight: I'll tell when you marry me


Parents: Terrance Quincy Knapp, Marshall UENF-Retired; General DPDF-active; Karolyn Soloman Knapp, deceased

Brother: Sydney Alistair Knapp

Son: Joshua Quincy Knapp


Lyndsey’s military career started the day she was born. She played explorer with her older brother. But, as she grew older, her focus was more on her father and what he did. When she was eight years old, her father took both her and her brother Sydney on a tour of his new ship, the UENF Paladin. Her brother thought it was cool, Lyndsey took in everything being said about it. From that point on, all she wanted to be was a ship’s captain like her father. Over the next few years, her father gave her vids of military tactics and command information. Some he did himself, others he got from the academy. She read anything she could about the military.

At the age of 13, her archaeologist mother fell to her death in an accident on a dig. Her brother Sydney was there. Lyndsey was at home watching another video of her father teaching her how to command. After a couple of months pass, her father gains permission to bring Lyndsey on board the Paladin to finish raising her and give her the complete foundation of the military prior to her entrance into the academy. She finished her schooling via online schooling

2383 - 17, Lyndsey entered the UEN Space Academy

2386 - 20, Lyndsey graduates the Academy, is commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant and goes directly into Command School

2387 - at 21, April of ‘87 Lyndsey is assigned to the Starcruiser Coventry under command of Captain Hugo Hargitay

2389 - at 23, February 1, Promoted to 1st Lt, becomes Executive Officer of the Coventry

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Infinite Worlds: The Realms of Speculative Fiction

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Braeden's Command and Control
Greybourne Tavern
La Hacienda de Cortez

My Friends:

Akira Bryson
Lyndsey Soloman
Allard Greybourne
Jerry Cornelius
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Tayven Steele
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David Holtz Prince
Joshua Quincy Knapp
Stan Jennings

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Beyond The Stars - Out of Print

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