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*raises an eyebrow* What're you lookin' at?? Alright, I'll be nice while guests seemed to of found their way into my home. You wanna know about me, eh? *chuckles* Sorry...not much to tell.

I'm Fiona. Yeah, I know you can already see that! I'm from Brooklyn, so forgive me if I'm not the "proper" anal...oops...I mean, sweet woman. *grins widly* Hey, I can be sweet if I like ya. But I gotta let you in first..

I great to my friends and my worst enemies nightmare. The men in my life have to have some pretty big balls to stay with me, if ya know what I mean! But, enough about me. Get outa 'ere!!

In the Unveil Your Adventure Novel: Fiona is works as a detective in the sexual crimes unit in Brooklyn.

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Whoo hoo! My first award! Yeah! :) Thank you!!

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Pan Historia Junction
Unveil Your Adventure
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Unveil Your Adventure

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