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Nikolai Lamphiere is seventeen years old. He is also a telekinetic.

Hes joined the ranks of The Alliance, and while he still doubts whether or not he belongs there he fights alongside Eris, Sam, and Iron Jenny under their fearless leader, Rapier. Because of his powers, he is nearly impossible to contain by any conventional means, as he can escape from just about any sort of bond or prison imaginable. The past years spent as a professional thief have made him aloof, cold, cautious and very good at sneaking about undetected. He does have a fierce loyalty to those who have earned it, however, though such people are wildly few and far between.

Hes short, pale and skinny, with curly black hair and eyes so dark brown they appear black. Hes quite clever, but usually keeps comments to himself. Hes mistrustful and tends to take things rather personally and is slow to forgive transgressions. When he does speak, its usually only when spoken to and he has a quiet, respectful air about him. Except when under pressure, then his biting sarcastic side comes out.

Hes still not sure what to think about anybody in their group.

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