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Star fleet Command Personnel File 124-55896-442R

Name: Ke'Sharra La'raesia Hewiyn Cashrren

Current Rank: Lieutenant

Current Post: The USS Enterprise Communications Officer

Species: Roshkan

Race: Roshkan

Date of Birth: May 13 , 2358

Age: 22

Place of Birth: Planet M 4216

Eyes: Turquoise blue

Hair: Black

Height: 5'9

Weight: 130lbs

Marital Status: Single

Father: Deceased Tuk. H'ryell Cashrren

Mother: Kye'shaere A'sshuk Vissian Cashrren

Brother: T'kerren H'ryell Cashrren

Abilities: Tel-empathy, Hyper linguistics

Academics: Star fleet Academy *finished in the top 10 % of her class

Star fleet History:

Cadet - Star fleet Academy

Made Lieutenant right out of the academy for going above and beyond her duty.When she saved an Admiral from assassination.
Hobbies: singing painting, studying ancient cultures and practicing Jakirn

Short Character Bio: Ke'sharra was born on the Roshkan temporary home world that was provided by the Federation in 2310 after the destruction of their original home world By a bug race known to the Roshkan as the Khaelve. Only approximately 600 of the Roskan people are know to have survived the attack. A devastating blow to a race where only 10% of its population is fertile.

She was raised within the Roshkan shelter having but a few enc outers with other races until she began training for her peoples space program. After completing her training she served a one year term on a Roshkan star ship Yosrrinari . Upon completion of her term she made the design to join star fleet Even against her peoples wishes which remains a sore point between her and members of her species.

Special Note: Ke'sharra is accompanied my a tel empathic creature know as a Falaenise drag. A highly venomous creature see notations. The creature is bonded and the two cannot be separated

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