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    I am known as POD, short for The Prince of Darkness. For o so long have I travelled the darkest of roads. Always I have been the observer of man, and all his failures and weaknesses. It is a tale full of woe, strife, and misery that weighs heavily on even creatures such as I.

    Many have tried to stand and fight me. The fiercest of heros, even mighty Herekles fell with ease to the sharpness of my sickle.

    Some have thought themselves beyond me. Vile sinner or rightous cleric, including the pious Joan of Ark could not escape my grasp.

    The mighty have gloated in their power and wealth. But the richest gifts of J.P. Morgan, nor reins of power offered by Caesar can divert me for a milisecond from completing my tasks. Well ok, a Tim Horton's donut can buy a couple of minutes.

    Then a place was rumored that promised relief from the endless bleakness. But lo, when time permitted a brief respite from my grisly rounds I found this place had been besieged and over run by the powers of hate and ignorance. But what was good and growing could not be kept down, and rose like the phoenix from the bitter ashes of cyber hell.

    For that steady will and determination I salute Wyatt, Serious Programmer Dude, and the hosts of the Panda helpers! And thank you in advance for letting I, a humble servant of the forces of the Universe, take rest here at Pan Historia from time to time.



Pan with an Edge

  The gorgeous Lady Death

    This gorgeous hunk o' burning love is the missus! A real motivator to bring home the bacon, if you know what I mean. While I'm not the jealous type, the last foole to mess with her died rather prematurely. Then I found out, and he learned the true meaning of horror!

   To see just how naughty POD and Lady Death can get, come visit us at PanErotica. Look for Century of the Darkeners at Doors.





    My little Friend is here to keep visitors comfy. But beware, for the Winslow is more powerful than even I! For His own reasons the Winslow has accepted my humble friendship, I know not why. To find out more about the Winslow and His creator Phil Foglio visit: or

  With heartfelt thanks to Lady Death, Questor, Jewell Ree, Myrrhine, and Willa LeBlanc. Plus the inspiration of Led Zeppelin, loud in the headphones and snippets of lyrics leading off my posts at PanErotica's "Doors".

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Pan Historia Junction
Alas, the Folly of Man
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great post....but then you always do write a great post.
Aug 26, 2009 03:46 pm
Best Defense of Hell
Oct 2008

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