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I'm IsisGabriela.

I'm not here right now because I'm currently in Merry olde England

the Mrs. and her neice and nephew

In Relic Hunter
helping Mrs. Bossie Demanding,
Jerimiah T Freeway

and and her neice and nephew Dayan Knight and Knighton Daye

who just showed up unexpectedly

find some old Chaucer manuscript that's been missing for centuries

In Through the pages

I'm trying to help keep Mrs. Bossie Demanding out of trouble and helping Jerimiah, but at the moment, that's a bit of a problem.

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My Novels:

Pan Historia Junction
The Relic Hunters
The Time Lords - Out of Print
Zone : Horror
Zone : Romance
Zone : Contemporary
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Zone : Fantasy
Through the Pages
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From the Balcony
The Craft Faire

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Action Alley

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Mrs Bossie Demanding
Captain StarCastle
Jerimiah T Freeway
Genesis Evans
Wyatt Earp
Liaus Horatius
Flavia Amytas
DayanKnightKnighton Daye
Maat Shepsit

My Favorite Reads:

Zone : Romance
The Relic Hunters
The Time Lords - Out of Print
Through the Pages
Short Cuts
The Horus Road

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Constantly trying to stay out of trouble
Aug 27, 2009 05:32 am
Best Quick Study in a Library
Aug 2007

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