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30 years with the library

I love my Panhistoria. Happy Panniversary!

Look what I got for the Holiday Quilt Contest of 2016! Santa tracking was never so fun.

Zoom thought I was a real person!

Mariamne is a librarian from the quiet little town of Berea in Makedonia. You may visit her library in Berea at the Library of Berea. She likes to travel and collect scrolls and art work from all over the known world. She studied to be a librarian at the Library of Alexandria.

Her father is Philemon of Berea. His family are prosperous farmers and stock breeders. They grow wheat and barley, olives and grapes, and raise sheep and goats. Her mother is Xanthippe. Xanthippe's family are sculptors and potters and are said to have Thracian blood.

Her husband, Dion of Massalia, is a ship builder and merchant and owns a cargo ship, the Euterpe. His family is an old Massiliote family with Greek, Ligurian, and Celtiberian ancestry.

Mariamne and Dion have four children: Theonoe, Aristoxene, Nikandros, and Agariste. Theonoe lives in Thessalonika with her merchant husband Melanippos and their children, Makarios and twin daughters Menalippe and Nikippe. Aristoxene lives in Massalia with her merchant husband Prytanis and their children, Telemakhos, and twins Philomene and Phemonoe.

Mariamne has two half-sisters. One sister, Damaris Alexandros of Pella, helps her manage the library. Damaris' husband, Ricardus of Philippi, is a trader of olives and grapes. Mariamne's other sister, Katharos, is married to Daniel of Jerusalem. She visits from time to time.

See my fine library (graphic created by a talented graphic artist on Ancient Sites. I am sorry, but I forget your name!)


Through the Pages:

Mariamne is a librarian in the Peiraeus Public Library in 431 BC. She is a great attender of the plays of the great tragedians but her favorite tragedian is Euripides.

In the Athens Novel:

Mariamne is a librarian who lives in Peiraeus. The year is 399 BC. She is the half-sister of Damaris, who also works at the Peiraeus Public Library.

Pax Romana

In Pax Romana I work at the fabled Library of Alexandria. The year is 68 AD and Nero's days may be numbered.

Ancient Greece

See my work there:

Greek Food
Greek Wines
Greek Art Chronology
Euripides' Plays: A - L
Euripides' Plays: M-Z
Creation of the Theater

Ancient Euphrates

Food in Sumer

FOL Panda by Mouse Adams

My Novels:

Through the Pages
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Pax Romana - Out of Print
Zone : History
Early American Narratives
Star Wars: The Saga

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Book of Ages
The Symposia
Stargazer's Menhir

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Damaris Alexandros
Takhaet sat Mentuhotep
Beketaten sat Amenhotep
Anahuarque Yupanqui
Amaranth Brandybuck
Sarah Dober
Shauri TaSherit
Daisy Baggins Boffin

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