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Nick Stokes. Brother of the late Will Stokes who was gunned down by Wyatt Earp for his brutal crimes on the people of Tombstone.

Now Nick goes on without his younger brother and slowly tried to piece himself a new life, out of the shattered fragments of the old. He recently managed to get himself a job as a waiter and kitchen hand at Ike Clanton's new business venture The Star. A steak house in the fine town of Tombstone.

With barely a penny to his name Nick has taken to inadvertantly getting baths in horse troughs and sleeping in hay barns, perhaps one day his luck will change. If he can get over the loss of his brother and move on with his life, who knows what may happen. But the thirst for revenge still claws at the back of his young mind. If he ever gets the bulge on Wyatt, something is bound to go down.


Nick's Remington revolver was thrown onto the roof of a store after a fight with Jaden Freeman.
He kidnapped Keturah Oakley and a young boy for a ruthless englishman, but the plan fell through.
He stole a Derringer off a woman.
His mother and father were abusive and were both murdered by him and his brother Will.

Author History on This Character

Nick was the first character I made on Pan, a good few years ago now. He was originally avatared by George Eads, who plays Nick Stokes in CSI Crime Scene Investigation. At the time he was made there wasn't a CSI novel so I had to make do as a crime scene investigator in Tango Cattivo. But that slowed down somewhat so I upped sticks and wandered into Tombstone. Made myself Will Stokes as a brother so the pair of them could cause some trouble over there. The story line continued, Will wore the George Eads avatar and Nick got a new one to match the character a bit better. And when I say match, I mean, Johnny Depp is good hey!

Now I write solely in Tombstone with this character and his crime scene investigating days are over. I do still get messages from people asking me why George Ead's face isn't gracing my page. I know it is a bit confusing, but that's the way it is I'm afraid. I've changed the avatar for such a long time now, I'm really not going to change it back. Sorry folks. Nick is onto to more western adventures, perhaps somewhere down his family tree he has an ancestor that looks like George Eads and goes by the same name, but that ain't in 1881.

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Most Sick and Twisted Bastard in a Western
June 2007

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