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In the Tempest's Sanctuary Novel:

For most of my childhood I hadn't known I was a freak. Some are born fully aware, and some only start to exhibit the traits of a Touched when they hit puberty - I was one of those. I had grown up mostly unaware of such things, because my mother, who of course knew from the circumstances of my birth what her offspring would become, sheltered me from the world outside.

Now I've been brought here to a facility where other freaks like me are kept. All I know is they use the Touched to locate clusters of the beings that have made the upper surface of our planet their battle and breeding ground, and the portals they came through from their own dimension. And what these beings seem like to a normal human I can't say -- but for those of us who are Touched, they are the demons of our nightmares and tear at our very sanity....

What would have become of me if I hadn't met Angreal I don't know. The other Toucheds looked to him as some kind of leader/messiah. We broke out of the facility with those Toucheds we could take with us and vanished into the underbelly of the city to fight the war our way. Angreal and I never intended to be revolutionaries, but considering how things turned out for us, I guess that's how we'll be remembered....

The Touched story is now concluded, but if you would like to read it in its entirety, you will find it at Tempest's Santuary here

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