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Mark was born in 1979 in the coastal Californian community of Morro Bay.

He attended the local grade school and then moved on to Morro Bay High school. He wasn't much of an extrovert, but despite being a thoughtful boy, he wasn't shy. From an early age he came up with ideas for getting himself things that he wanted.

He even managed to trade a twig to a younger boy for a handful of candy by telling him the twig was ten times better than the sweets.

In high school he got himself a reputation as a criminal type by spreading rumours about himself. Telling people that he had mob connections and the like. Ordinarily, most people would have laughed that sort of a claim off, but there was something about the way Mark said it that made it sound believeable. He was studying for his finals and simultaneously copying down test answers to sell at school, when his life changed.

He was sixteen years old and his twenty five year old brother persuaded him, using force, to hold up a bank. Without a plan, and armed with two shotguns, everything went from bad to worse. Mark surrendered the second he heard the police, but Jay made a run for it and was shot down.

This has haunted Mark all his life, giving him a phobia of firearms, but if he prepares himself he can conceal his fear moderatly well.

He carries a small gun in a holster on the back of his belt, but it is very rarely loaded. His phobia prevents him from carrying a loaded one around, the sight of it usually has the desired effect, people don't want to risk knowing whether it has bullets or not.

He's never been very good with relationships. Ever since he first started dating, he only ever went after a girl because of something material about her. When he was thirteen it was whether she had achieved the level of training bras that got him interested, as he grew older it became money, status, information. His relationships never last for more than a few months before breaking down completely.

In prison he met a lot of people who knew people, he began to compile a secret list of names and numbers. Using his memory to store them away. It was quite a feat, he used numerous memory tricks so he wouldn't have to write them down. When he got out after two years, he still had some of them stored away in his mind. He bought a black leather notebook and wrote them all down. That book has never left his side in the seven years since.

After he was released from jail, Mark made up his mind that he would never do small time up front robberies, not ever and not without a plan. Now in 2004, aged twenty five, his web of connections can put him touch with just about any criminal he wants to meet. His smooth talking and charismatic attitude enable him to continue to get pretty much anything he wants out of anyone.

Not perfect by a long shot, he inevitably has to think on his feet in the end, despite vowing he'd always have a plan. But whereas the young Mark was powerless and alone all those years ago in the Morro Bay Bank, now he has associates, connections, friends. Together, they can achieve just about anything they want.

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