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Jonathan Knight was born in 1973 near the St Mary Le Bow church off Cheapside in London. The second eldest child of his parents Vera and Henry.

His dad worked as a plumber and his mum stayed at home and minded the multitude of children that they were blessed with. By the time Jack was eleven, he had five brothers and one sister.

Tragically, when Jack was twelve, his fourteen year old brother Harry was killed by a tram. Shortly before his youngest brother Michael was born Jack became head of the family when his dad died of cancer. From then on it was up to him to make things right for everyone else.

Jack was given his fathers signet ring, and has never taken it off. It is solid gold, the only thing of worth that the man owned, but the one thing that he would never pawn. It was given to him by his father, and so on, as far back as anyone could remember. On the face of the ring is engraved a knight chess piece.

His family were quite poor, six other siblings (James [30], Richard [28], Robert [26], Victoria [25], Thomas [21] and Michael [18]) and a parent living in a run down terraced house in a small street. The kids were sent outside from sunrise to sunset, they had to make their own entertainment.

The nearby Cheapside shops were constantly brimming with sweets and toys that they couldn't afford. Their mother Vera had to work nearly twenty hours a day to keep up with the rent. It wasn't long before Jack began to realize that a law abiding world wasn't doing him much good.

After a few years of random hooliganism to get what he wanted out of life. He made it big by being very very lucky and mixing it with natural born talent, he was hired by a former employee of the Kray twins to do various jobs for him around the city. Even though Jack was only fourteen when he started, he began to get very good at whatever he put his mind to. At the same time he did other work to get all the money he could, prize fighting was something he enjoyed, and as long as he could hold his own in the ring he could do his bit to stop the family getting evicted. By the time he was eighteen he was the undefeated champion of the local prize fighting syndicate and was being given bigger and better work to do by his less than reputable employers.

The popularity of London and the flocking american tourists caused the house prices to rise, Cheapside was becoming a well to do area of shops and apartments. Companies wanting to set up their latest stores finally forced Jack's family to raise anchor and move further away to Shepherd's Bush. Shepherd's bush really brought to light how beautiful and precious Cheapside really was, and it made Jack thoroughly annoyed that they'd had to up sticks.

It was partly this underlying annoyance with americans that prompted his visits to the states when he was twenty, mafia families were his main employers and on one of his first jobs out he ran into the notorious Dean Kovak, more by good luck that good management, Jack survived the encounter. Neither thought they would meet again, but that was proved wrong in 1995 when once again their paths crossed. Jack admires the ruthless killer that is Dean Kovak but he doubts that the admiration is mutual.

Despite his surnames' comparison to the 'game of kings' Jack doesn't really know his way around a chess board, he much rather enjoys card games. Not necessarily always winning them, but he never lets the stakes get high enough for it to mean a great deal. Win or lose, he'll just grin and play again....or, you know, break your face.

Jack's distinguishing characteristics, aside from his heavy cockney accent, are his penchante for black Ziganov cigarettes, his goatee and his gold ring.

He doesn't intend to be a hitman all his life, he's considered that perhaps when he finds the right woman for him he wants to settle down and open a pub in London like his brother Richard. Be the centre of information and advice for any younger types looking to make it big in the criminal underworld. Maybe doing one or two 'last' jobs for much higher rates.

At the moment he's not with anyone 'special' so is free to travel to and from America as he pleases, doing jobs for anyone with the money to pay him. His family have gone about their own lives, his sister Vicky owns a clothes store in Piccadilly, James runs an auto-shop, Richard's a publican and Robert manages a salon, Thomas his second youngest brother is a drop out and his youngest brother Michael is a student. (Michael's name is in memory of Harry's middle name, as young Mickey was born a year following Harry's untimely death).

Jack's mother has moved from Shepherd's Bush to a nice house in Battersea, which is only a short drive down the road away from Jack's flat in Kensington. Jack's spiralling success in the seedy world of enforcement has meant that he can help his family out financially whenever they need him.

Even A Bad Day Is Good With A Ziganov

In the The Job Novel:

Jack enters this crime novel as a the hired muscle for a two bit italian gang lander known as Mickey. The pay was good up until the point the little idiot decided to try and whack Dean Kovak. Not smart.

Jack walked out on the shrimp the moment he needed him most, there was no way he was gonna cross a guy like Dean Kovak. He'd known him in the past, and there's a sort of respect that occurs between hired killers over time. Something which no amount of money could sulley.

Getting in and out of trouble in New York is just a walk in the park for Jack, but after a while he decided that he missed his home town, he decided that at the same time as finding out that a red haired irish woman by the name of Izzy, and the rest of her crew, were heading over that way on the tail of a man who double crossed them out of quite a lot of money.

So now back on his home ground again, Jack is out for more adventures...

In the Thicker Than Blood - The Sisterhood and Their Brethren Novel:

In the 21st century he is the enforcer for the brethren, getting the job done no matter what it is. Feared and respected though he is, he still enjoys a pint same as the rest of the world. His main passions in life however, are fine automobiles and black russian cigarettes.

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"Empire" by Kasabian

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