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Pan Pagans

The Many and Varied Faces of Eris

KJ Elliott: Ecoterrorist

Affiliation: Green Anarchists for the Future (GAF)

Assignment: Assassinate Jezebel Fresh

Special Conditions: First leadership role, ten person unit

Bio: Parents died slowly in a South American backwater as a result of GlobalFresh pollution five years ago. GlobalFresh paid minimal compensation and silenced the local media on the issue, forever ensuring that they would have a deadly enemy in KJ Elliott.

Bryon Gray: Dockside Brawler

Currently on work release from New York Pentientiary

Employer: Kell Coltere, CEO NDG

Assignment: IMF Level 1 Special Operative: Terrorist Response Unit

Security Level: Officially declared MIA for the duration of the assignment.

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~Still a Militant Feminist! Thanks, Tank Girl~

Background can be found here

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Battle! - Out of Print
Interstellar Geographic

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Southern Cross

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Cyber Broccoli

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Nikolai Lamphiere
Jerry Cornelius
Tank Girl
Kell Bhaird Coltere
Zoe A Washburne

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Well-written and interesting
Dec 23, 2013 05:30 am
Wonderful writing
Nov 25, 2011 05:23 am
Best Drunken Firebug
July 2008
Best Vermiculture Vérité
April 2007

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