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In About Time Novel:

Born in 940 AD, Brian Boru was one of Ireland's greatest leaders who is credited with directing Ireland's future - for both good and bad. Brian Boru (Brian mac Cennetig or Brian Boroimhe in Gaelic) was born in Munster, Ireland. A member of the Dal Cais (Delcassians) tribe, he was the brother of Mahon, who became King of Munster following the death of their father, Cenn-tig.

At this point in Ireland's history, Viking invaders (or Norsemen) had a stranglehold on the island, while the native Irish either sided with the Norse out of fear or belonged to small kingdoms that fought among themselves.

Today, Boru is also known as the progenitor of the Clan O'Brien, through his four wives and thirty reputed concubines. Additionally, one of the symbols most commonly associated with Ireland - and the symbol used as Guinness's logo - is called the "Brian Boru Harp". Stephen Butters, August 2000

In The Really Kooky Antics of Sunshine Apartments:

Brian meets Miss Parker.

"Oh Danny boy, tah pipes, tah pipes are callin'..." Brian finished his song and stood before the Sunshine Apartments. He swayed a bit, Well tis not often a man is fired and hired within a week! he thought as he knocked on the door. He had noticed a wee lass outside staring at some bugs and though he had said a loud "Huello!" she had not moved a muscle so he had continued up the steps to the door. "Tis a wonder tah be here really!" he said out loud as he waited for someone to answer his knock, he shrugged and thought Why do folk here in tah States jest let themselves in? His stomach rumbled suddenly reminding him that he hadn't eaten in 48 hours. "Damn tah sot, tah bloody sot fer firing me!" "Ah me laddie now ye need tah be silent and gather yer charm, fer ye have jest gotten a job, a wonderful jon at Tah Sun, and such a wonderful name ta be sure fer a newspaper.And tah have me own new Editior suggest this place as me new home, well tis jest wunderful" At this point Brian was a bit beyond caring if he was talking to himself, after all he had been awake for over 74 hours and had a trans-Atlantic flight to boot, so he hummed and talked and waited for someone, anyone to welcome him to his new home.

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