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Full Name –Lynda Katherine McCartney
Nickname --Kat
Birth Date –29 July 2661
Astrological Sign and Details –Leo
Birth Place –Bangor, Maine, Tellus
Age --39
Race –Caucasian (Icelandic/American)
Hair Color --Chestnut
Hair Style –Usually rolled up in bun at back of neck
Shape and Features of Face --See for yourself.
Eye Color –blue-grey
Skin Tone –Space Tan
Any Scars or Distinguishing Marks –not a blemish
Build or Body Type --Slim
Height –6’
Weight --170

Mother –Inga Olegsdotter
Father –Matthew Randolph McCartney
Parents' Occupations –n/a
Family Finances –n/a
Brothers --0
Sisters --0
Other Close Family – 0
Best Friend – Sean Patrick Donovan
Other Friends --
Pets --
Home Life During Childhood –Grew up in an orphanage.
Any Sports or Clubs --Racquetball
Schooling –traditional K through 12.
Favorite Subject –The Fleet
Popular or Loner –Loner by nature, but has the charisma of a born leader
Important Experiences or Events –Too many to list here, and you don’t have the clearance to know about them anyway.
Health Problems --None
Culture – North American Sector, East Coast
Religion –the military

Bad Habits –Self-directed perfection complex.
Strong Points – born to lead
Temperament –Even, calm, doesn’t lose temper easily
Attitude –Put it this way, she’s a member in good standing of Heartless Bitches InterSystem
Weakness --Chocolate
Fears –A universe with no chocolate in it.
Secrets –Her fair share
Regrets –some
Feels Vulnerability When –She runs out of chocolate.
Pet Peeves –Reivers getting away after a raid.
Conflicts --Reivers, her inability to connect with Kuroneko
Motivation –Responsibility of duty
Goals and Hopes –To make the USS a safer place for its citizens to live in
Day or Night Person --Day
Introvert or Extrovert –An Intro-Extrovert
Optimist or Pessimist –One or the other
Home –USS Cobra Verde
Household furnishings – A plush recliner in personal quarters, otherwise standard issue.
Favorite Possession –The abovementioned plush recliner.
Neighborhood –The United Sol System and Colonies

Married Before --No
Children –One son, Kuroneko Sarazawa
Relationship with Family –No family
Best Friend –Sean Patrick Donovan
Other Friends --Zaekim Sanburd
Career –Fleet Officer
Dream Career –Living it now, who could ask for anything more?
Dream Life --Ditto
Hobbies –Monopoly, Final Fantasy CLXI
Sports or Clubs --Racquetball
Talents – Starship Command, Diplomacy
Finances –No complaints
Health Problems –None whatsoever
Culture --Tellurian
Religion --the military
Past Careers –There’s life outside the military?
Past Lovers –Shigeru Wakabayashi
Biggest Mistakes –Shigeru Wakabayashi
Biggest Achievements—The biggest achievement is always the next one….

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Interstellar Geographic
Spiral Galaxy

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Greybourne Tavern
Space: Above and Beyond

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Lukas Teal
Capt Lynda Kat McCartney
Zaekim Sanburd
Delia Valhan Prescot
John Clayton Drummond
Jamie Fitzpatrick
Imu Kamora
Madoc Tsurien
Shigeru Wakabayashi
Erich Michael Braeden
Sean Patrick Donovan
Jerry Cornelius
Captain StarCastle
Jordan Raine Hunter
Dae Yun

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