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The Ravn

He Gives A Slight Bow..

Welcome to my humble Abode, please feel free to look around, you are quite safe Here, for you are...

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She'll Make You Cry

The clouded night sky above the airport, of the City of Angels, parted momentarily, as a small private jet touched down. within minutes a long black Stretch Limousine, pulled up to the stairway, as two cloaked figures departed.

Once they reached the limo, they both dropped their hoods, and looked around, M'Lord, said Dravn, Its not New Orleans, but the weather should be comparable..

Indeed Nephew, replyed Ravnhawk, I could get used to this climate, and what better place, for our clan to work out of, than where Angels live and star's are formed.

The limo driver held open the back door, as the Hawk and Dravn got in. then returned to his seat behind the wheel to await his instructions.

Dravn put down the phone, having informed the driver the directions, on where to take them.

M'Lord, said Dravn, the Club is still not yet ready to open, and not all our members have arrived as yet , but our living quarters are finished, along with the installation, of our own security force.

The limo pulled up to a huge gate,.above the gate was written," Raven's Crest", in gothic letters. slowly the gate swung open as they approached,

Beyond the gate a winding road, lead up to the crest of a mountain, Atop that mountain a black marble mansion stood, silhouetted against the blood red moon lit sky..The driver came to a complete stop, before the front doors of Raven's Crest, .He leaped out, and ran around to the back door of the limo, opening it. The two caped figures departed , moving with a graceful agility,that made the driver believe, they were both floating on air.

Once they were out of his limo, the driver quickly closed the door, jumped back into the drivers seat. He was in a hurry to be rid, of these two. He couldn't put his finger on it, but they scared the crap out of him, .It wasn't anything they did, just a feeling of dread, that came over him, when they first entered his Limo.

As the Two stood before the front doors, they watched as the limo driver hurriedly, drove down the mountain,, and out the gate. Dravn quietly remarked, M'Lord, It seems we shall have to procure, our own driver from this time forword,

Ravnhawk smiled, before saying,
And where would be the fun in that, Nephew!

They both laughed, as they turned and entered, Raven's Crest ,
closing the door's behind them.

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