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July 2001

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Supporters Silver Medal
Games Bronze Medal
Service Bronze Medal

Be welcome here in the Temple of UserMa'atRa Ramesses -- may His Name be glorified forever. Here shall His Name be remembered and His Life retold so that He will be among the Netjeru forever.

The Falcon King, Strong Bull, Beloved of Ma'at

He of the Two Goddesses, Protector of Egypt

Vanquisher of Foreign Lands

Horus of Gold, Rich in Years Great in Victories

King of Upper and Lower Egypt, User-Ma'at-Re

Son of Re,

Ramesses the Second-- Beloved of Amun

Graphic by AkenAnubis Thutmose
To Staff Member UserMaatRa Ramesses, for all the great and useful help. For his unselfish and loyal service to the members and to PH. Thank You Friend (Bob). From Lucius Augustus Maximus and Karwins Ramesses
I won't do it again.

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PiRamesses - Out of Print

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House of Pharaoh

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Nerfatari Ramesses

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PiRamesses - Out of Print

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