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Schrödinger's cat's a mystery cat, he illustrates the laws;
The complicated things he does have no apparent cause;
He baffles the determinist, and drives him to despair
For when they try to pin him down--the quantum cat's not there!

- - - - -

Schrödinger's Cat may or may not exist - it all depends on if you're looking at this page or not. However, if you're reading this, you probably are looking at the page, so he probably does exist. Well, maybe. If you're scritching your head by now, you've either got fleas or you don't know your quantum theory. If it's the latter, join the club!* then head over to my profile page (which also only exists as a probability until you look at it) for an explanation that will confuse you even more.

* "If anybody says he can think about quantum problems without getting giddy, that only shows he has not understood the first thing about them." (Niels Bohr)

Want a bit of fun? Try this out! The Well Intended, But Not Quite Interactive Schrodinger's Cat: A Rather Silly Experiment in Quantum Mechanics.

My friend Jerry Cornelius made (or stole) most of the graphics for my page. He also says I'm not Schrödinger's Cat, I'm his. But I don't reckon 'Jerry's Cat' had quite the scientific gravitas I was aiming for.

July Featured Contributor
I went playing in the Stacks and the nice
Reference Librarian gave me a present!

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