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  Song:  Behind Blue Eyes

The Angel and Her Demon

I gazed into my Demons eyes,
I mingled with his soul.
I tangled with his desires, and...
I became his captive,,

When I gazed into his eyes,
My heart became his clay,
As he held it, beating, in his hands,
My soul became his passion,
I heard the beating of his wings,,

When I held him in my arms,
I felt a maddening desire,
As his soul devoured mine,
Bringing madness to my passion,
He set my soul ablaze,
Softly, he whispers, into her ear,

Two pieces of the puzzel,
make the puzzel feel complete,
To contemplate your touch,
could be my fatal blow,
The torture of your sweetness,
is the taste of my desire,
A kiss, is just a kiss, my sweet,
Until you savour, it's sweet flavour,
A touch, is just a touch,
until that touch, becomes a craving,
Then, you contemplate, it's meaning.

The angel's darkest dream,
Devoured, the demons craving,
Silence, over takes them,
As she gently touched his face,
Her soul, becomes his treasure,
As he, welcomes her, his captive,
She... becomes his Kightmare...

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