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"Within the deepest night, inside the shifting shadows, in the beat of every fearful mortal heart, you hear its name. `Tis the one place where Kindred, Vampyre, Nosferatu... whichever term is preferred, can gather in love, lust, and thirst. The wyne flows freely, the kiss of fangs abundant. Warning, this board is not for the faint of heart. But if you dare venture, guard your back and your neck. Who knows what might be tempted by that tantalizing jugular?"

Vampiress Dahlia, Mistress of Crimson Kiss Manor.

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Crimson Kiss

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Countess Varsuviya Ignatious
Vampiress Narcissa
Vampiress Laura
Ivashko Grigoriev Tarkhan
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Charisma Stone
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Lawrence Masterson
Blaise Kingsley
Sayira Monoum EsFaux
Ashley Robbins

My Favorite Reads:

A New World
Behind The Velvet Curtains
Plane of the Ecliptic - Out of Print
New Mytilini - Out of Print
Cold - Out of Print
Panarin's Theory - Out of Print

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