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Name: Zoe Allegra
Age: 25
Degree: Criminal Justice

Zoe was born in San Diego, where she was raised and went to school for criminal justice. She has one older brother whose in the airforce. They're very close, partially because neither get along with their parents so much. Especially because neither of them did anything their parents had wanted them too.

Getting fed up with dealing with her parents all the time in San Diego, Zoe accepted a job offer in New York City. Despite her parents objections, Zoe packed her things and headed east. It wasn't easy, because although she'd grown up in a big city, New York was nothing like San Diego. Being closer to her brother defenitly helped, however her new job in New York wasn't. Especially when some people not that thrilled with her being there.

Zoe is smart, and not just IQ-wise, but mouth-wise too. She's got an attitude and doesn't care what anyone else thinks. Especially if it gets her job done. She's got great aim, and usually relaxes best when working at perfecting it.

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