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Hi, my name is Shiloh O' Riley, but a lot of people just call me either Shiloh, Riley, or O' Riley... Whatever you perfer. I have dark brown hair and I stand at 5'5". Don't make fun of me just because I'm smarter than you. That's right, an Irishman that is smarter than you!

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Beauxbatons Academy

Centauria ChâteauBecause I am a wizard, my family refuses to even speak to me because they don't want to have anything to do with magic, in fact they constantly liked to reffer to me as 'Mutant Child'. I decided to escape muggle reality once I had overheard a conversation my father was having with one of his partners.

That is the reason I ran away from my home in Pennsylvania and moved to my new home in Ireland. But when I heard wind of him looking for me, I moved again and live alone in Marseille France. It would be nice to have a family that is waiting for you when you finish a year at school. But my technology is basically the only thing that I have now, that and Beauxbatons Academy, where there are people actually concerned for my well being.

Over 20 million books, and they are all saying the same thing, listen to Shiloh.I don't have many friends at school, that's because I'm anti-social. Since I can't use my computer at school, I'm usually reading a very large book in the Library or in my room. I guess you can say that my life is messed up. But I feel that will all change soon...

Well, I got a job at the book store in Bleu Lune. Thanks to Nathanial Pageweaver :) He's a great guy and he's also told me about an apartment just around the corner, I'll be moving out of Marseille in no time.

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