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Ahlan wa sahlan! (Welcome!)

I am Ardeth Bay, I am Medjay and one of the keepers of Ma'at. I was born in the year of Amun-Ra. I discovered at an early age that I had a certain talent as a warrior after defending my village from a hoarde of bandits.


Secret of Fire

On the last day
I kissed her hands,
Her eyes / her lips.
I said to her: you are now
Ripe like an apple
Half of you: a woman
The other half: impossible to describe.
The words
Escaped me
And I escaped them
Both of us collapsed.
Now I pray
For the childhood of this light face
And for this ripe, burning body
I bring my face closer
To this gushing spring,
On the last day, I said to her:
You are the fire of the forests
The water of the river
The secret of the fire
Half of you cannot be described
The other half: a priestess in the temple of Ishtar.

- Abdul Wahab Al-Bayati;
Translation by Bassam Khalil Frangieh

Disclaimer: The character of Ardeth Bay is owned by Stephen Sommers and Universal Studios. All pieces of ficton written as this character are property of the author. Stories are fictional and have no connection to Oded Fehr.

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