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Interstellar Geographic

Full Name -- Erich Michael Braeden
Birth Date -- August 1, 2361
Birth Place -- Earth
Age -- 38
Hair Color -- Black
Eye Color -- Blue
Skin Tone -- Tanned
Build or Body Type -- Athletic
Height -- 6’2”
Weight -- 180 lbs
Mother -- Meredith Rochelle Markel
Father -- Michael Harris Braeden
Parents' Occupations -- Business owners, Braeden Transport Company
Grandparents: Garrett Michael Braeden and Hanna Ruth Purcell
Family Finances -- Never wanted for anything
Brothers -- Jason Garrett – Adventurer, explorer
Sisters -- Cayla Rochelle Dennison – Office Manager
Son -- Patrich Thomas Braeden
Best Friend -- HS Sweetheart – Bethany Ann Petersen


Erich was born into the transport business. He was born in Portland, Maine on Earth. But early on, he got his first taste of space travel. His first space trip he remembers was at the age of five. After that mesmerizing trip, he constantly begged his father to take him on trip. Throughout his schooling, his mother refused to allow him to travel. But Erich was relentless and she finally gave in allowing him to travel during the summer. As he got older, it was harder to keep Erich concentrating on his schooling to the point the family hired a tutor to travel with him and his father. The rule was study and keep the grades up or the travelling is over with until he graduated. It was a compromise Erich could work with and did so until Erich was sixteen and a freak accident grounded him for a while.

While working in a cargo hold, a pallet shifted, pinning Erich between it and the bulkhead. It broke a couple of ribs and broke his left leg. His mother made the decision that Erich would remain home until he finished high school. After a few weeks of protests, Erich gave up and went on to finish high school on Earth.

It was while he spent his last year in high school that he met his sweetheart, Bethany Ann Petersen. After graduation, in order to stay close to his new sweetheart, Erich found a job in town. He stuck with it for about six months before he realized he could never do that or any other job that wasn't related to the transport business. It was in his blood.

Erich quit his job and went to work at the family business. He stayed on Earth for a few years, again to be near Bethany, and to learn the business from all angles. During this time, he and Bethany got very close and he asked her to move in with him. She did. This was in 2382. They seemed to have a great relationship going. Erich proposed a couple of times, but Bethany said no to him. She said she wasn't ready for that kind of commitment. In the fall of 2384, however, she gave birth to their son, Patrich. After his birth, things started to get rocky in their relationship. While they stayed together for the next six years, Erich saw Bethany pull away from him and their son. She almost entirely stopped talking to him other than basic communication between them.

In the spring of 2390, Bethany took Patrich to Erich's parents' house and dropped him off. Her story was she had an appointment to go to and needed a babysitter. That was mid-morning. When she didn't return by the late afternoon, Erich's mother, Meredith, called him at work. He left work and went to the apartment to find Bethany had packed up and left. No note. No warning. Nothing. He called around to their friends to see if she was there. No one they knew had any idea where she was. After an exhaustive search, he finally found she had left Earth. Her destination was Alpha Centauri. It was there he lost her trail. He hired a detective to track her and he did. In the meantime, they moved out of the apartment and back to the family home so Patrich could have the stability he needed at that age.

It was two years later when the detective found Bethany. She was living in a rundown flat with three others on Ganymede. The news the detective brought back to Erich was devastating to him. He brought back photos, videos and a report that showed his Bethany, the mother of his son, had gotten herself mixed up with the wrong crowd. Drugs, alcohol and other criminal activities had replaced his Bethany with what he was seeing in the photos. With this evidence in hand, he went to the family attorney and had her parental rights removed permanently. He also had a permanent restraining order placed against her. It was the second worst feeling he's ever felt. The first was explaining it to a twelve year old boy who was nosing around in things he should have and found those photos of his mother, WHY. Erich really didn't have an answer.

Since the day Bethany left them, Erich and Patrich have been a team. Erich refuses to talk down about Bethany, something that Patrich doesn't like. Patrich has said to Erich that he has no use for his mother.

Now, Erich has risen to Fleet Manager in the family business. As his parents begin to take smaller roles in the business, Erich, his sister Cayla and his brother Jason have begun to take more active roles than they had before to run the company.

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