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In the Tango Cattivo Novel:

My name is Aisha Khatib. I was born the only daughter of a Maronite Christian near Beirut in a small villa in the Beqaa Valley. My father, Mustafa Khatib is one of Lebanon's richest and most powerful drug lords. I have been given all the best things in life, my father has sent me to school in Scotland so that I would become both an asset to my family and to my future husband.

Unfortunately, my father's choice in a future husband did not agree with what I had in mind for myself.

My father saw fit to promise my hand in marriage to another powerful drug lord. It did not matter to my father that Tafiq Hafiz was not a Christian, but rather a Muslim. Nor did it matter to my father that Hafiz already had one wife. The combined power of my family and that of Hafize would create an impregnable cartel for hashish, cannabis and opium throughout the Middle East. I was escorted by my three brothers, to a meeting in Belgium between the families. This meeting woudl also be attended by other powerful drug lords. I was to be introduced to the man who would be myhusband. Hafiz, my future husband, was enough of a good Afghan, that he had enough of the various chieftains and warlords in the pocket of his galabaya that owed him money and allegiance. Hafiz and I met, he accepted the terms and within hours I would have begun my life as his wife, a life that would require me to wear the burkha.

I had other things in mind. I carefully planned and executed my disappearance in Antwerp. I knew of course that they would be looking for me. I made for the US in order to try and make good my escape, to disappear - but it seems that someone has found me and has a different fate in mind.

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The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Clash of Steel!

Once upon a time there was a Princess that struggled against the bonds of her upbringing. Not content to simply sit the harem and be pampered, she chose instead  to ride the wild wind of the desert upon her horse.

One day Princess Aisha was promised in marriage to a Maharajah and during her trip was captured by a band of renegade pirates captained by none other than the nefarious Jack Sparrow.

Her ladies in waiting, frightened for her virtue, disguised the Princess as a boy who was immediately pressed into service as the cabin boy.

One fateful day, her secret was revealed and before he knew it, Captain Jack Sparrow was smitten.

DISCLAIMER: Pirates of the Caribbean remains the sole property of Disney. Fanfic written with these characters is not intended to infringe upon the copyright of Disney or any of its affiliates. Aisha Khatib is an original creation of its author and all copyrights are held by Ma'at Publishing

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For the cultural detail in your work
Jul 08, 2011 07:52 am

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