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Some times it is painful to think that I have lain long forgotten by the world at large. But then I know that just because no one utters the name of Lord Amour any more, that does not mean they do not call on me day after day.

I am he who commands the heart and all it's hungers. Whether they be of pureness or from the most vile of hearts. I command it all. Because love is always love, even in the hundreds of forms it takes. If not for what I have created then many of mankind may never have found themselves coming into being.

For one day of each year I am called upon in such numbers that I myself often need help to fulfill all the prayers. When such a thing happens I call upon my minions to aid me in my play. Desire and Lust, Envy and Loathing, Passion and Fire, Trust and Faith, Hate and Jealousy, Rage and Madness. They are all mine to command but of these, Desire is my favored pet.

Desire... It is the most beautiful among all my Minions. For when you desire you can, and do, feel all the others. It is why my favored pet guides the rest and brings them into play when it is necessary. When I send Desire, it brings people to their knees. Their hearts race and their bodies beg. They no longer think. All they can do is feel and that feeling is Desire.....

A gift from Desyre!

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