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Fionna Gairden, 23, hails from Glasgow. That's in Scotland. She has an older brother, Fergus, who's 27. Their parents are Angus and Moira. Angus works in the Glasgow office of the British Ministry. Moira owns an antique shop. Fergus does, well, who knows what Fergus does but Fergus? Somehow he's always got a little money to spend and a girl on his arm. Fionna, a graduate of Hogwarts, is employed at Terrortours in Diagon Alley.

Fionna is now married to Jericho Japes and they have a son, Dalton James Japes, born in 2006. Daughter McKenzie Paige arrived in 2009 and Dashiell Isaac joined the family in 2011.

Some of the tours available through Terrortours, located at 59 Diagon Alley:
- A-Mazing Minotaur Encounter - journey to Knosses, Crete to roam through the famous maze and meet the Minotaur up close and personal
- Bermuda Triangle cruise - see ships that didn't spot the monster
Bloody Burma - step into the violent past while experiencing the exotic Orient
- Creature of the Black Lagoon - play who can spot the creature first
Fouke Monster Trail - journey to Fouke, Arkansas, USA in search of the legend of Boggy Creek
- Haunted Honeymoons - romance and tragedy: see lavish French estates where unfortunage honeymooning couples met gruesome ends
- Shiver Me Timbers - Argh! Watch out or you might be the one walking the plank
- Transylvania castles for rent - guaranteed to be hosted by a vampire
- Zombie Trail - come face to face with the living dead

Remember: Terrortours accepts no responsibility for death or injury.

Fionna's cousin Catriona Amherst was in Ravenclaw House at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. Cat currently attends St. Emrys University and is engaged to Christopher Chant.

Cat's mother Blair and Fionna's mother Moira are sisters. Cat has one sister, called Leslie, who is 10 years older. Leslie is married to Irving Quackenbush and is mother to Bertram Quackenbush

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