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      The Ref is an arbiter of conflicts who is seldom questioned or appealed. Some believe he is a God. Others see him as an emissary of some ancient race. Rumors and old tales even say he was human, once, long ago.
      No matter what his origins, he is certainly not human today. At just over 7-foot tall, he is perfectly fit despite making no effort to maintain his conditioning and indulging numerous destructive habits. While appearing lean, rumors hint that he is in fact extraordinarily heavy. Perhaps even four or five hundred pounds. Despite this, he has demonstrated incredible speed and agility with an ability to move quickly, silently, and without leaving a trail through any terrain.
      Many have claimed to have struck down The Ref with assassinations, sneak attacks, and all manner of fatal blows. All have met their own death from an apparently unharmed The Ref. Most slowly and painfully. He appears ageless, the rumors of his deeds stretching across the centuries.
      An undisputed master with swords, especially the twin samurai swords he normally is found with, no sensible opponent will even spar with him. The Ref has appeared accomplished if not an outright master of any melee or fired weapon he has ever been seen with. Tales speak of his immediate command of intricate magical staffs and field stripping complicated automatic weapons with off-hand ease.
      For unknown reasons, The Ref inevitably moves into a judge-like role of decision-maker everywhere he appears. While usually cruel and contemptuous towards his subjects and their need to seek his decision services, his decisions are always consistent. Without mercy or limit to his cruelty, his decisions will always follow the same ethics and rules, as horrible as they may be.
      While some of the oldest folk-tales speak of him as a solitary creature, most stories and encounters of The Ref include Tesla. In appearance, constitution, and skill Tesla is clearly of the same stock as The Ref. Appearing petite next to her mate and lover, up close most are surprised by her better than six foot stature. Many a tale also speak of Tesla setting standards of cruelty, if not out-right barbarity, far beyond that of her Master.
      If you be desperate for someone to arbiter an argument to a final conclusion, pluck up your courage and seek audience with The Ref. If your cause be the false side of that argument, may whatever Gods you worship have mercy on your soul. You’ll get none at the hands of The Ref.

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Alas, the Folly of Man
Pan Historia Junction
Plane of the Ecliptic - Out of Print
The Cellar - Out of Print

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