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I wish you a greeting my laddies
And also you ladies, no baddies
What is it you ask?
Oh this is my task.
To wish you a Happy St Paddy’s!

And also you ladies, no baddies What is it you ask? Oh this is my task. To wish you a Happy St Paddy’s!

Husband: Griffo Boffin, son of Gruffo, born 1346 Shire Reckoning.
Son: Tosto Boffin, born 1388.

Father: Dudo Baggins, youngest son of Fosco and Ruby. Born 1311.
Aunt: Dora Baggins, eldest child of Fosco and Ruby. Born 1302. Dies 1406. She likes to write letters giving advice to hobbits. Bilbo gives her a waste-paper basket when he leaves.
Uncle, Deceased: Drogo Baggins (1308-1380)
Mother (made-up): Robinia (a name in the Boffin genealogy in History of Middle-earth)
Grandmother (made-up): Cornelia

(Note: To change from Shire Reckoning to general Third Age, add 1600)


Frodo Baggins

If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Frodo, Hobbit, heir of Bilbo and humble keeper of the One Ring.

In the movie, I am played by Elijah Wood.

Who would you be?
Zovakware Lord of the Rings Test with Perseus Web Survey Software

I was born in 1350 Shire Reckoning (2950 Third Age). My family, including my father, were at Bilbo's Farewell Party in 3001.

In the One Ring:

I am a hobbit of the shire, born in 2950 in Hobbiton. My father is Dudo Baggins (91), brother of Dora (100), and brother of the late Drogo Baggins (born 1308, died 1380 with his lovely wife Primula). While I love visiting my parents, visiting aunt Dora can be a bit of a chore.

I married Griffo Boffin in 2988. Frodo (34) is my first cousin and lives alone in the smial of my second cousin once removed, Bilbo, who has mysteriously left the Shire.

Non canonically, my mother is Robinina and my grandmother is Cornelia. My children are Tosto and Iolo. Tosto, born 1388 (Shire Reckoning, 2988 Third Age), and Iolo, born 1390. Tosto is 14 in 1402 and Iolo is 12.

The Boffins come from The Yale, in the East Farthing. My husband Griffo has a brother, Guido, who married Duenna. Griffo's father Gruffo (1300-1399) recently passed away. Griffo's elderly aunt is Gerda (1304-1404).

(Based on Peoples of Middle Earth, Daisy and Griffo were orgininally Duenna and Guido. Guido's father was Gruffo, and Guido's aunt was Gerda, who married Adalbert Bolger. Duenna and Guido had a son, Iolo, born 1390. In another draft, they had a son, Tosto, born 1388).

One of my dearest friends is my third cousin Peony Baggins Burrows (52), who married Milo Burrows (55). She has four lovely children, Mosco (15), Moro (11), Myrtle (9), and Minto (6).

Boffin Family article

Visit the Shire my friends the Brandybuck sisters have made.

F is for...Frodo

H is for...Hobbit

Narratives of Early America

She was born at Sarehole in England, but jobs were scarce, so her family moved to Birmingham. Then they moved to London.

Her husband is Griffin �Griffo� Boffin.

Her father is Dudley Baggins.

She had an uncle David and an aunt Peggy, but they died in a boating accident and left behind their young son, Francis.

She has a strong-willed aunt Dorcas.

Her husband�s father was also named Griffin, and he has an aunt Gertrude.

Daisy, Griffo, Peony, and Milo (Peony's husband) have a coffeehouse that is opposite �lfwynn�s bookshop.

Daisy and Griffo also love to garden. Griffo is locally famous for his flowers.

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