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In the Alas, the Folly of Man Novel:

���� Major Paula Osterman Devon is the premier helicopter pilot of the Order of Fire and Shield. An Immortal from before the great fall, she is a veteran of the Quaker Run revolt. Her long association with Robert of Kashmir and others of the Shining Shield has made Major Devon the semi-official liaison between St. Alphonso's and Fort Niagara.

In the Plane of the Ecliptic Novel Catspaw Pirates Story:

����Scion of one of the best military families of the Imperial planet of Nanooki Prime, Major Katomi Kiru is both politically and socially well connected. A dedicated soldier, she has earned her promotions and assignments on outstanding merits. But her family connections have often made her a target of jealousy and intrigue. Leading to many dangerous assignments including the one that brought her to trial on Illuminous Three. Where a simple scouting mission to a disputed backwater planet is proving to have unexpected consequences for this catgirl. Reputation destroying and potentially lethal consequences.

In the Zone: Action Novel Valkyries 2010 Story:

���� Driven to an angry suicide during the corporate retreat from hell, a white water rafting trip gone horribly wrong, corporate IT Specialist Bai Ling O'Murphy was in for a very big surprise! The afterlife turns out to be just another stage of existence where you have to fight, scramble, and claw your way to the top past mind numbing bureaucracy. Can our heroine navigate her way through the paperwork maze to join Valhalla's Corp of Valkyries? Can she ever recover her missed opportunity love for Sandi Beach still alive back in the mortal world? Will she smack the bejesus out of her ultra dreary little assistant? Will she ever find clothes? Only the eternal clocks of Valhalla will follow the tale and just maybe find out

In the Pan Historia Junction Novel:

���� Just keeping tabs and generating chaos when the opportunity arises.

In the Trapped in Pan Novel:

���� What happens when a middle-aged straight guy wakes up one morning with a woman not his wife in his arms? Only to find out that those arms are not even his, but those of his young, gay, insane, female character The Major! Is there a way out? In the end, if I find the way out will I really want to leave Pan?

In the FLESH Novel: ����

Marine Corps Major Paula Devon is counting down the days until she can retire when the vagaries of personnel rotations results in her being made Commander of MAG-39 for a couple of weeks. Thought to be a very temporary appointment until the intended permanent new commander arrives. But Paula's plans for a quiet 4th of July weekend come crashing down with the sudden appearance of flesh eating cannibals. Can Major Devon join in with the rest of the marines out of Camp Pendleton to save Southern California and the rest of the world from the zombie apocalypse?

In the Backstage Pass PanErotica Novel:

���� Paula Devon is the part time rock guitarist The Major. Best known for her steely calm demeanor called "hipatitus" or so hip she seems lethally cool. To pay the bills she has been working the midnight shift at Denny's. After her current band falls apart, her agent hooks her up with another out of work guitarist, Sandi Beach, to audition for the old glam-rocker Poppinfresh on Drugs. Will a new band, a new lover, a new life with a long missing father follow? Or will all go down in flames?

In the Vespers PanErotica Novel:

���� Major Kim Su Bai was at the height of her career with the Seoul City Police. Then an operation against terrorists went bad and she found her body and her world shattered. Nearly written off as dead, Major Kim struggled back from her injuries. Only to find her struggles to get by in the world were just beginning.


My Novels:

Horizon's Edge
Pan Historia Junction
Alas, the Folly of Man
Plane of the Ecliptic - Out of Print
Zone : Science Fiction
Zone : Action

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The Graveyard
Action Alley

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Robert of Kashmir

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Best Crazed Naked Hotel Guest
Jan 2009
Best Psyche Out Crazy Style Doomed Plummet of Death
July 2008
Best Aquatic Plunge of Death
May 2008
Best Helicopter Pilot
April 2007

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