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cead mile failte - welcome

Scotia -- 1066 -- Lion's Den -- Loyalist and Patriot -- Virgin Queen
Inishbofin in History
New Tales From Middle Earth
My Work in the Reference Library -- Links for Ireland in Reference Library -- Star Wars

"Irish Pavilion"

Star Wars Parade: Astrobatics

In the Pan Historia Junction Novel:

My name is Finnghuala, daughter of Brian, or Finnghuala ingen Briain in my native tongue (F�un-ūal-a). I was born on Inishbofin, the Island of the White Cow, which is in the west of Ireland.

I currently live near Dubh-linn with my husband Beagán (b�ag-ān), my son Gadhra (geir-a) and my daughter Eithne (eh-nye). My husband is a bard, and he loves horse racing. I love dancing. Gadhra is named after my husband's father, and Eithne is named after my mother. My husband's sister is Niamh of the Durotriges. Niamh's husband is Thorfinn, a Viking merchant. Their children are Almaith and Frobjorn.

Alternative Text

In the Scotia Novel:

I was born in 545 AD, and I live with my husband Beagán (b�ag-ān), my son Gadhra (geir-a) and my daughter Eithne (eh-nye). I moved with my husband and his family from Ireland to Iona in Dalriada in 565. Iona was founded two years earlier, in 563.

My husband's father is Gadhra, and Beagán's younger sister, born in 549 AD, is Niamh. Their brother went to sea with St. Breand�n the Navigator. He had since come back and is settling down.

My husband is a bard, and he loves horse racing. I love dancing. Gadhra is named after my husband's father, and Eithne is named after my mother.
Note: Brigid is 452-525.526.

Inishbofin is defended by the Celtic hill forts: the famous Dun Mor as well as Dun na h-Inine, Dun Dubh, and Dun Graine/Grainne.


In 1066:

I was born on the the island of Inishbofin, between St. Colman's monastery and The Pool, where we raised cows and sheep. I have now moved with my husband Beagán to Dubhlinn. We live near the wooden Christ Church and have two children, Gadhra and Eithne. Since we have only recently moved, I miss Inishbofin and find Duibhlinn amazingly cosmopolitan and half foreign, with Ostman (Vikings), and the English. My husband has several sailor friends in Dubhlinn, who will later be part of the Dublin fleet that fights with King Harold, and some will fight with Harald III of Norway.

My sister-in-law is Niamh. She is married to Thorfinn, and they have three daughters: Almaith, Failend, and Concend, and one son, Frobjorn. My other sister-in-law is Uallach, a poet, like her namesake.

My husband's parents are Gadhra and Dubhchobhlaigh.

Note: The Viking Dubliners fought against Brian Boru in 1014, even though their king did not. Hugh O'Conner was king of Connaught in 1061. The Dublin fleet fought against the Normmans, with the Anglo-Saxon, and King Harold's family was moved to Dublin for safety.

My new neighbors are Ælfwine son of Froda, and his wife Cwen, who come from Glastonbury in Wessex. Their sons are E�dwine and Hama, and their daughter is �adgifu. The abbot of Glastonbury in 1066 is Aethelnoth (1053-1077). He was preceded by Aethelward (1024-1053).

Conversational Old English - dead link?

Other Old English phrases:
Ic grete the (I greet thee, singular)
Beoth ge gesunde (Hail, farewell).
Wes thu hal or Hal wes thu
Aelfwine is min nama
Min nama is...
Wa me - woe is me
Eala - alas, lo!
La - lo!, oh, ah
Ic thancie the or Ic the thancas do - Thank you, singular
Ic saec ge eow thancas - Thank you, plural
www.georgetown.faculty/ballc/oe/oe-texts.html - dead link?

Lions' Den

I am Finnghuala Bourke (nee O'Gadhra), and I was born beyond the Pale on the western coast of Ireland. I am the daughter of Gaelic lords, but I married into an Anglo-Irish family.

I was born at Moygara Castle, which is the family castle overlooking Lough Gara. My forefathers were chiefs by the 12th century, and between 1450 and 1550 we became lords of Coolavin under the MacDermot clan. We live in the Gaillimh (Galway) area in Conmaicne Mara (Connemara). My mother is an O'Malley, and one of my favorite young relatives is 3-year-old Grace O'Malley (she grows up to be the pirate queen but is 3 year's old in 1533). I am also related to the O'Flahertys.

My husband is Sean Bourke, the youngest brother of Richard, the late 9th Clanricarde, who married Margaret Butler, the daughter of Piers Butler, who was once the 8th Earl of Ormonde, but who was convinced by Henry VIII in 1528 to renounce his claim so Henry could give it to Anne Boleyn's father. (Henry gave him another title, and he regained the earldom after Anne's death). My husband has been sent by his clan to ask King Henry to change the Irish title "Clanricarde" to "Earl of Clanricarde." (Henry VIII does this in 1543). The 10th Clanricarde, John, is my husband's teenage first cousin, once removed. We sure hope John grows up to have children, for otherwise the title would go to Richard's haughty son, Ulick Bourke. We also don't like the idea of becoming more entangled with the English, but my husband's family feels that English involvement is inevitable, and they want to stay on the winning side.

Notes: Richard Mor Burke, the 9th Clanricarde (1520-1530), lived in the Gaillimh (Galway) area and married Margaret Butler, daughter of Piers Butler the 8th Earl of Ormonde in the last year of his life.

The current, 10th, Clanricarde is John mac Richard Mor Burke, who is also called William (?).

Ulick na gCeann Burke (15 in 1533 and was born about 1518) became the Earl of Clanricarde under Henry VIII in 1543 (and died a year later). Ulick has married Grania/Grace, daughter of Mulrone O'Carroll/O'Connell, and they have a son, Richard, who could have been born in 1532 (or between 1527-1544). They will separate. Ulick will then marry Honora Bourke, have a son Thomas, separate, and marry Maria Lynch.

Virgin Queen

I am the daughter of Gadhra Bourke, son of Finnghuala Bourke in the Lion's Den, and of Cairistiona MacDonald, daughter of Niamh in the Lion's Den. My sister is Niamh Bourke, and I have married an O'Malley who is the cousin of Grace O'Malley.


O'Malleys made living on taxes and raiding foreign fishing and commercial vessels. In 1574, the governor of Connaught, Sir Ed Fitton sailed against Grace O'Malley (Gráine Uaile) because of complaints. The expedition was led by Captain William Martin. O'Malley vessels had 70 to 80 men and were superior to the English ships. O'Malley had the castle on D�n Gráinne and is said to have had the harbor chained off with a chain boom across from her ally Don Bosco's castle to Scealp na gCat. Don Bosco's castle is said to be under what is now Cromwell's Barracks, opposite D�n Gráinne. However, there is no historical record of Don Bosco. (I like the story, so I'm going to use it).

In 1584, Bofin was taxed for first fruits and called a vicarage. In 1591, the Queen was the rector, and the vicar was Thomas O'Moraghan. After Gráine died in 1603, the O'Malley's declined, and the Bourkes took Clare and Bofin. Bofin was under the Earl of Clanricard.

The Falco Blanco Mediano was wrecked between Bofin and Ballynakill Harbour. Some say it broke up on the rocks off the east coast of Bofin, near Davillaun, but most feel it wrecked nearer the mouth of Ballynakill Harbour at Freaghillaun Island. The ship was one of the smallest lost around Ireland, being 300 tons, having 16 guns and 103 men. Most of the 103 reached the mainland and were sheltered by the O'Flaherties, who were the local chieftans, but were given up and taken to Galway. Sir Richard Bingham had them all executed except for Don Luis de Cordova, who was ransomed.

Concannon, Kieran (Ed.). 1993. Inishbofin Through Time and Tide.

Loyalist and Patriot

I'm an Irish girl from Inishbofin, an island on the west side of Ireland. I came to the Pennsylvanian colony in the 1770s. My husband Beagán was already here, having come a few years earlier as an indentured servant to pay for his passage. He was indentured to a farmer in eastern Pennsylvania. Once his indenture was over, he still did not have enough money to pay for all of us to come over, so he moved to the big city of Philadelphia and was apprenticed to the wealthy Catholic merchant Stephen Moylan, who was born in Cork. He is part of the family merchant firm and owns the 30-ton brigantine Richard Penn (James Galoway, master) and the 120-ton brigantine Minerva (George Barwick, master).

Then I came over with our young children, my son Gadhra (geir-a) and my daughter Eithne (eh-nye). I work in the Dober/Wellington print shop, sewing the ligatures of the books part time. However, we talk about setting up our own coffee house or tavern.

My family was never wonderfully rich, but we had enough to get by. Then Cromwell came to Ireland in 1649 and dispossessed most of the Irish Catholics east of the Shannon River. He sent them all to Connaught, where we are. In 1657, Cromwell used Inishbofin and the Aran Islands as penal colonies for Irish priests, but they were released in 1662.

Still, we had cattle and sheep, and we sold extra milk, butter, and cheese as trade items, until the English stopped that in 1680. Others in my family grow a little hay and potatoes.

There was a garrison on our island until 1684. We supported King James II, and so are Jacobites. In 1690, we had a Jacobite garrison which supported King James. Inishbofin surrendered to the Williamites, who supported King William, on August 27, 1691. The Jacobite commander, Col. O'Riordan, gave Bofin over to the Williamite Col. Horton. Col. Bellasyre kept a garrison under Capt. Dunbar to watch for French privateers, which was disbanded in the early 1720s.

My grandfather's brother died fighting the Williamites. Another fought at the famous Battle of the Boyne. The Treaty of Limerick would have given us some relief, but it was broken.

Some family members had to emigrate because they had sided with James. As we grew poorer, I had to seek my fortunes elsewhere, as well. Although we could have gone to France or Spain, my husband, Beagán , went to the colony of Pennsylvania because we have family there.

Some members of my husband's family were forcibly sent by Cromwell to Barbados in 1655. They later moved to Montserrat, and then finally for the colony of Maryland in the 1730s.

In the colonies, I have a little garden where I grow peonies, St. John's wort, Foxgloves/ Fairies thimbles, pinks (also called carnations), hollihocks, cornflowers, mallows, marigolds, germanders, and daisies.

Sources include: Concannon, Kieran (ed.). (1997). Inishbofin Through Time and Time. Inishbofin.

Inishbofin In History:

In the second century A.D., on the Irish mainland nearest Inishbofin, annals say the Milesian king Tuathal Teachtmar conquered a Firbolg tribe, the Clann Humoir.

Inishbofin is part of Connacht, and in the 600s A.D., the Ui Bruiun and Ui Fiachrach become dominant in Connacht in general.

However, the first time Inishbofin is actually referred to, it was in the 7th century when St. Colman founded a monastery in Lindisfarne, went to Iona and then came to Inishbofin in 665 A.D. St. Colman and Irish and English monks founded a Colomban monastery in Knock, but when trouble grew, Colman took the English monks to the mainland, to Mayo, and founded a monastery there. He died in Mayo on August 8, 674 A.D. Guairim is said to have been the chieftan when Colman came, and he is said to have killed six monks over tithes and was condemned to be tied to a rock at low tide and be drowned. (St. Flannan may have come before St. Colman. St. Scaithin is said to have had a settlement in the old Children's Burial Ground).

One source says the Vikings raided the monastery in 795. However, another source says there is no physical evidence that the Viking had a stronghold in Inishbofin, and because the harbour would have been strategically important, they probably did not come to the island.

The Annals of the Four Masters mentions the death of some abbots of Inishbofin. Malfrichraich died in 742, Baethan in 771, Caenchomrach in 893, and Feradach in 918.

The original St. Colman abbey, which was probably made of wood, was burned in 1334 by Sir John D'Arcy, a Lord Justice who looted places. The O'Flaherty's ruled at that time.

In the sixteenth century, the O'Maille (O'Malley) clan were said to have had a castle on Dun Grainne. Don Bosco, an ally of Graine Uaile, may have had a castle where the ruins of Cromwell's barracks now are, at the mouth of the harbor. However, there is no historical proof for Don Bosco. The O'Malleys were most powerful between 1500 and 1609, and they raided foreign ships. They lost power when Graine Uaile died in 1603. Inishbofin was then ruled by the Bourkes, specifically under the Earl of Clanricard. The O'Malleys briefly retook the island in 1641. Cromwell came in 1649 and built his fort in 1656.

Concannon, Kieran (ed.). (1997). Inishbofin Through Time and Time. Inishbofin.
Inishbofin homepage (history and welcome pages)
Ireland's History in Maps:Ireland circa 600 AD: The Golden Age
Ireland's History in Maps:Ireland circa 800 AD: The Viking Era
"Ancient Connacht: Connacht Series"
Inishbofin, by Aine McNeely
History: Early and Medieval Period

Pool-east Pool-west
The Pool The Pool
Sheep and Cows on Inishbofin loch
Sheep and Cows Loch B� Finne, The Lake of the White Cow
loch edge Cromwell's Fort
The loch Cromwell's Fort
Pictures by Finnghuala.

New Tales From Middle Earth


My name is Finnghuala, and I am an Edain and a descendant of Almarian, daughter of V�antur (Captain of the King�s Ships under Tar-Elendil) and wife to Tar-Meneldur.

I am from the Guild of Venturers, the Uinendili, or Lovers of Uinen the Maia, the Lady of the Seas. The Guild of Venturers have been around for over 1700 years.

I was born in the western section of N�men�r� (Anad�n� in my native tongue of Ad�naic), in the region of Andustar. I live in the port of And�ni�, where most of those faithful to the Valar live.

I am very interested in Edain history. Here are a few important dates:
SA 1 Grey Havens is founded
SA 32 Numenor founded
SA 600 Numenoreans visit Middle-earth
SA 750 Guilde of the Venturers
SA 1200 Numenoreans have permament settlements in Middle-earth
SA 1590 The three rings are made
SA 1693 War of the Elves and Sauron
SA 1697 Eregion destroyed
SA 1699 Sauron overruns Eriador
SA 1869 Tar-Ciryatan oppresses Middle-earth
SA 2029 Tar-Atanamir demands heavy tribute from the people of Middle-earth. Numenoreans also speak against the Ban but do not defy it.
SA 2280 Umbar is the chief fortress
SA 2350 Pelargir is founded
SA 2526 Tar-Vanimelde

I love the flowers the Eldar gave us, which grow in Andustar: Ololair�, Laireloss�, Nessamelda, Vardarianna, Taniquelass�, Yavannam�re, and the trees of Malinorn�.

I speak Sindarin and Ad�naic, and I understand Quenya, although I do not speak it.

This is the crew on my ship, the Amaurea Vanta, or the Dawn Walker:
Captain/Master � Finnghuala
1st Mate/Chief Mate/Relief Captain - Nenuvarial
Navigator/2nd Mate � Menellen
3rd Mate/Navigator's Assistant � Lyndissi
Chief Steward � Soronto
Cook � Sakalth�r
Other crew:
Henderch � sailor, feels passed over during promotions, listens to the grumbling
Aglahad � good sailor, lets Nenuvariel know about the grumbling

Fourth Age

I come from a prominent old seafaring family, and I have lived in the Gondorian ports of Pelargir and Linhir. However, most of my family don't make their living from the sea anymore. My brother Findegil, for example, is the King's Writer.

I am friends with Eldarion's sisters (names made up), Arien, Arnawen, and Artawen.

Finnghuala character bio

My Work in the Reference Library

Limerick Contest
Limerick - An Old Leprechaun

An old leprechaun worked on one shoe.
He was wondering if it were true -
Did the humans exist?
Were their stories just mist?
Then he suddenly saw quite a few!

In the Ancient Celtic reference library:
Re: Brehon Law
Early Irish Society
Irish Celtic Art and High Crosses


The Dark Ages
My work in The Dark Ages reference library:

History of Viking Dublin: The Early Period
History of Viking Dublin: The Later Period
History of Viking Dublin: After the Mid 10th Century

The Dark Ages/ The Church/The Church in the 5th Century
St. Brigid

The Middle Ages

Post Medieval Europe

Colonial America and the Revolution

Colonial America
Early Settlements /
Irish Immigration to the New World
Catholic-Irish Immigration up to the American Revolution
Scottish-Irish Immigration up to the American Revolution

Post Medieval Europe

Ireland In The 18th Century
Hedge Schools


Ireland: The Place to Go for Armies and Exile

Christmas in Saxon England.

Links for Ireland in the Reference Library:

The Ancient Celtic World

Dark Ages/Viking Ireland

The Dark Ages/ The Church

1066/Irish - Norman Relations

The Middle Ages/The Feudal States/Ireland

Ancient Celts

Colonial America

Ireland In The 18th Century

Re: ACME Challenge 10 ~ Finnghuala's Egg


FOL Panda by Mouse Adams

July Featured Contributor

Second in the Highland Games History Trivia Contest!

Irish sayings

Irish Gaelic words I can use in story posts, as well as pronunciations.
Irish-English, English-Irish Dictionary and Phrasebook. (1983, 1985). New York: Hippocrene Books.
McCaffrey, Carmel, and Leo Eaton. (2002). In Search of ancient Ireland: The origins of the Irish from neolithic times to the coming of the English. Chicago: New Amsterdam Books.
child --p�iste--paashchi
Christ --Cr�ost--kreest
Christian -- Cr�osta�--kreestee
Christmas -- an Nollaig -- a-NoLik
Connaught -- Connachta --kuNukhtu
brother -- dearth�ir -- jrihyaar
Colmcille -- koll-m-kill (McCaffrey and Eaton).
cow -- b� -- boe
C� Chulainn � kū chul-in (McCaffrey and Eaton)
D�l R�ada � dāl rēda (McCaffrey and Eaton).
daughter -- in�on -- ineen
dear (beloved) -- muirneach -- mornukh
Dublin -- Duiblinn � dů-vlin (McCaffrey and Eaton)
-- Baile �tha Cliath -- blaa kleeu
-- Ath Cliath � � klee-ah (McCaffrey and Eaton).
dumb -- balbh -- baloo
D�n Aengus � doon en-gus (McCaffrey and Eaton)
Easter -- an Ch�isc -- u-khaashk
Fionn Mac Cumhaill � finn mok cool (McCaffrey and Eaton).
Fir Bolg � fir bull-ug (McCaffrey and Eaton).
father -- athair -- ahir
Galway -- Gaillimh -- galiv
good -- maith -- mah
goodbye -- (said to the one leaving) -- sl�n leat/(pl) libh -- sLaan lat/liv
goodbye -- (said to the one staying) -- sl�n agat/ (pl) agaibh -- sLaan agut/agiv
Hello -- Dia dhuit/ (pl) daoibh -- jeeu ghich/ yeev
husband -- fear -- far
mother -- m�thair -- maahir
R�th � raw (McCaffrey and Eaton).
Seancha� � shan-ach-ee (McCaffrey and Eaton).
sister -- deirfi�r -- jrehoor
son -- mac --mak
T�in B� Cuailgne � toyn boe kool-ee (McCaffrey and Eaton).
thank you -- go raibh maith agat/ (pl) agaibh -- gu ru-mah agut/agiv
T�atha D� Danann � too-āh dae donnan (McCaffrey and Eaton).
welcome -- f�ilte -- faalchi
wife -- bean -- ban

This last image used Dan Smith's Fantasy Fonts

Star Wars

Name: Finnghuala "Fianna" Ogara
Birthplace: Vreni Island, Corellia (small resort island off the main continent).
Husband: Baggin Ogara
Children: Penny, Keiran, and Miri.
Music: listens to jizz (like much of the rest of the galaxy), also likes Wookiee Tree-drum music
Pet: a spukamas named Corell because she thinks the entire Corellian System revolves around her. All spukami are black with gold eyes. They are very intelligent and loyal, but they pretend to be indifferent. If they are bored, they chew through plasteel, flimsiplat, and soft metal, so it's best to keep them occupied.
Family friends back home: Wherever the Ogaras travel, they pick up jewelry for their Drall friends, Ebrihim and Sarella. Most Drall live on the planet Drall, which is also in the Corellian system, but Ebrihim and Sarella live on Corellia near the Ogaras. Ebrihim and Sarella grow nannariums and are wingriders who carry messages on their avian ibbots.

Occupation: Freighter pilot who flies hyperspace routes like the Corellian Run and the Perlemian Way. Her ship is the Connachta.

She is the captain/pilot of the Connachta, a YT-1210 light freighter. Her husband, Baggin, is the gunner. At first, she could take on only 4 passengers, and 3 of the 4 spots are taken by her children: Penny, Keiran, and Miri (and pet spukamas named Corell). Because of this, she modified her ship, sacrificing some hold space, so that she could have 7 passengers (the upcoming YT-1300, a bigger ship, can hold 10 passengers).

Entertainment: Games played on hologame tables (Outlander and Dejarik), holodramas,
watches grav-ball and the Annual Sec Bowl (grav-ball), on Corellia, performs astrobatics (flies a starship in complex patterns for an audience).

She is proud of her home planet because of its razor grass fields and really golden beaches. Even their capital city has parks, plazas, and open-air trading areas. While Corellia has one of the top three largest shipyards, all the shipbuilding has been put into orbit. Although Corellia is one of the founding planetary systems, Corellians are wary of one big, galactic, government. Family is a high priority.

Corellia is the capital planet of a 5-planet system (Selonia, Drall, Tralus, and Talus) now orbiting Corel, a yellow star. Millennia ago, the Centerpoint Station moved the planets together. The station is now at a lagrange point between Talus and Tralus. The Selonians like living underground.

Before becoming a freighter pilot, Finnghuala worked on the YT 1210 series in the shipyards of the Corellian Engineering Corp (CEC). She met her husband, Baggin, at the CEC, and they now live in Coronet. However, he is from Kor Vella. He also worked in the shipyards, but he worked on the upcoming YT 1300s. Finnghuala doesn�t think they�ll become popular (the Millennium Falcon will be a YT 1300).

Trade Routes:

Corellian Run

Coruscant - Ixtlar - Wukkar - Kailor V - Xorth - Vuma - Leria Kerlsil - Perma - Lolnar - Rehemsa - Sedratis - Rydonni Prime - Corellia - Tinnel IV - Loronar - Byblos - Pencael IV - Havricus - Iseno � Denon (crosses Hydian Way)- Perithal VI - Spirana - Rhommamool - Tlactehon - Allanteen - Gamor, Milagro - Thaere - New Cov - Doldur - Druckenwell - Kabray - Algara II - Andosha II - Mon Gazza - Herdessa - Radnor - Christophsis - Arkanis - Sirpar - Gorno - Dalchon - Ryloth - Wrea

Hydian Way

Bonadan - Cadomai - Ruuria - Listehol - Tantive IV - Doniphon - Telos IV - Praadost II - Pho Ph'eah - Serenno - Toprawa - Simpla - Sorrus - Feriae Junction - Celanon - Hijado - Botajef - Harloen - Bandomeer - Taris - Skorrupon - Corsin - Adin - Draria - Kidriff 5 - Nessem - Bogden - Paqualis III - Per Lupelo - Drearia - Champala - Nierport - Uviuy Exen - Wakeelmui - Brentaal IV - Skako - Aldraig IV - Demophon - Glithnos - Fedalle - Talravin - Ruul - Trellen - Mawan - Loretto - Baraboo - Bellassa - Jaciprus - Voktunma - Exodeen - Boudolayz - Herzob - Besnia - Koensayr - Aquilae - Denon (crosses Corellian Run) - Sagar - Ronyards - Chardaan - Babbadod - Nordra - Perithal - Shibric - Baroli - Gacerian - Ragith III - Majoor - Ramordia - Arrgaw - Pax - ZeHeth - Malastare - Chryya - Darkknell - Cmaoli Di - Eriadu - Averam - Shumavar - Atravis - Rutan - Fwatna - Terminus � Imynusoph


Coruscant - Alsakan - Grizmallt - Anaxes - Corulag - Chandrila - Brentaal - Esseles - Rhinnal - Ralltiir - Delle - Yabol Opa - Ifmix VI - Shulstine V - Castell - Raithal - Vurdon Ka - Joiol - Chazwa - Relatta - Tirahnn - Dalcretti - Taanab - Sermeria - Carcel - Pirin - Gizer - Lantillies - Rearqu Cluster - Jeyell - Roche - Orleon - Talcene - Salvara - Euceron - Abhean - The Wheel - Centares - Antemeridias - Budpock - Columex - Arcan - Lianna - Barseg - Lorrad - Desevro - Kanaver - Janodral Mizar - Ank Ki'Shor - Estaria - Makem Te � Quermia

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