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   Proud writer in Behind the Velvet Curtains
There was always something that fascinated this young scholar about the paranormal and its intricacies that kept a woven shield between life and death. What were the mysteries that were so profoundly written about and studied in the laboratories of men of science? It was the fantastic journey of pen and paper this curious woman had, dedicating herself to the following of such things in a mans world. Her queries were frowned upon by the men of the communities, merely shrugging off her questions and perhaps thinking her to be stepping beyond her boundaries of a Lady from a victorian age. But she pursued her thirst for knowledge, wishing to quench its needs, and perhaps even find life amidst the dead through paranormal investigation. She did not have the tools of modern science, merely instinct, and a knack for seeing what the arrogance of most men overlooked.

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Behind The Velvet Curtains

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