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New Tales of Middle Earth


Amalda of Brieworthig of Minhiriath c Second Age 2526. Her family lives like Minhiriathrim but they are really petty dwarves.

Her great-great-great grandfather Anarr ("fighter) might have seen Mt. Gundabad. He brought out a stone from Mt. Gundabad which was made into a pendant and which has been passed down to Amalda.

Birth father, Ioreth's first husband - Bavorr from the Blue Mountains (Mt. Gundabad has probably fallen about 500 or more years before and Khazad Dum has closed its doors to the outside world). The Blue Mountains has iron (found in sedimemtary mountains, and copper, found in crytalline rock environments per Atlas)

Mother - Ioreth Father - Brandir Sisters - Gilmith Brother - Beregar Brother's wife - Hareth Their daughter - Urwen Hareth's father and mother - Urthel and Gloredhel Hareth's brothers - Halmir and Forweg

Messenger who brought them - Bregor, likes Gilmith

Amalda will fall in love with Firimar, one of the Numenorean sailors

The One Ring

Amalda Underhill was adopted by the Underhills, a good hobbit family in Bree.

Amalda saw the 10 year old Mimosa (born TA 2953) and the two began to play. Mimosa took Amalda home with her and Amalda was eventually adopted into Mimosa's natal family, the Sandheavers. Amalda claimed to be 12 but she was taller than Mimosa and everyone thought she might be more like 15. They would not have guessed Amalda was really 32 at the time and was born TA 2931.

Mrs. Mimosa Underhill rules the hole. Her husband is Ferdinard Underhill. The Underhills have two daughters, Menegilda and Rosamunda, and a son, Adelard. Menegilda's beau is Tolman Longholes from a noted Bree family. Adelard Underhill is courting Celandine Tunnely. Rosamunda has not settled on anyone yet.

Bree has about 100 stone houses for men and a smaller number of hobbit holes. Staddle also has many hobbits.

Amalda is 3' 8" but hunches over to be 3' 6". She was born in TA 2931.

But Amalda, who is rather stocky and tall for a hobbit lass, comes from a more ancient lineage than the hobbits. When she was found by the Underhills, Amalda was old enough to know that she was descended from the Petty dwarves of the First Age. Her late mother, Sindri, and her late father, Nidi, were descended from Mim's daughter. Mim was the last known petty dwarf in the time of Turin Turambar.

Amalda in Brief

Birth Family

Dwarvish name - Kheledunulukh (Kheled-u-Nulukh), mirror of the Moon Birth name given out to outsiders - Kyllikki (a character from the Kalevala) Birthdate: TA 2931 Age in the story: 87 in TA 3018 Height: 3'8" but hunches over to be 3'6" Birth father - Nidi ("No Moon"), son of Nyi ("New Moon") - died TA 2963 Birth mother - Sindri - died TA 2963 Birth brother - Fialarr ("Hider") - born TA 2941 in Bree where they happened to be at the time. Assumed dead TA 2963, aged 22. Will marry Hrist. Birth brother - Haugstari ("Grave Treader") - born in the Barrow Downs - died TA 2963

They lived in the South Downs (Joruvalla, "Earth plains" from the Dvergatal) and sometimes were forced to live in the Barrow Downs, which they called Juvonelli (from Tuonela, Land of Death, in the Kalevala). The Barrow Downs is divided into the North Barrows and the South Barrows and are crowned with megaliths. The largest and oldest barrows, that held the kings of Cardolan, is Othrongroth. (per Lord of the Rings Online, a game.

This area has mild winters and mild summers, like the Shire. The Downs are stunted grasslands and eroding hills.

Amalda and her family were in the South Downs near the Barrow Downs when orcs captured her parents and split the family.

Adopted Family

Assumed name - Amalda Underhill Age when adopted: 32 in TA 2963 but claimed to be 12. Hobbits thought she was 15. They thought she was born between TA 2948 and TA 2951. (She happened to be in Bree with her parents when Thorin and Gandalf met in Bree in TA 2941 and she saw them talking.) Adopted sister/mother - Mrs. Mimosa Underhill (born TA 2953) nee Sandheaver, daughter of Malva and Gorhendad Sandheaver. She is 65 in TA 3018 and is 22 years younger than Amalda. Adopted father - Mr. Ferdinard Underhill Adopted sisters - Menegilda (beau Tolman Longholes) and Rosamunda Adopted brother - Adelard (courting Celandine Tunnely)

The new neighbors are Belba and Otho Mugwort.

Her Admirer

Admirer: Kjothrorir Also known as Arandost the Blacksmith Father: Heptifili, son of Vili Mother: Vanadís/Verthandi, daughter of Thruth, daughter of Thrór

His mother is descended from Thruth, the younger sister of Thráin II, son of Thrór.

Height: 4'5" Birthdate: TA 2911 (is 107 in TA 3018). In Bree and on his own since TA 2953, age 42.

A small band of dwarves, otherwise unrecorded in the historical accounts, lived in the Weather Hills (Elvish Hills of the Wind). Amon Sul was abandoned in TA 1409.

The band consisted of Heptifili and his wife, Vanadis, their son, Kjothrorir. Heptifili's brother was Hlêvang. Hlêvang's wife was Skuld, and their son was Sviorr ("dwindler"). Heptifili's third brother Hledjólf, was the husband of Asynjur, and the father of Vali and Nali.

They worked in the mines in the Weather Hills/Hills of Wind and were tinkers and blacksmiths for the local sheep herders. They also were tinkers for the North Downs.

Kjothrorir was born in Othrikar in the North Downs. Othrikar is a mining outpost of the Longbeards. Annundir is a farming area and Trestlebridge is a small town with men from Bree. Esteldín is a ruin from the time of Arnor that is inhabited by Dunedain Rangers. (Per a Lord of the Rings Online game). The North Downs has cold winters and mild summers.

Their band was destroyed by a band of giant trolls. Kjothrorir, the only survivor, fled to Bree.

Star Wars: The Saga

Amalda is a Nord from Nordra. The Nords are dwarf-like, three foot (.9 meters) high sentients. They have names like Buran Borsil [a rebel during the rise of the Empire] and Colonel Riskin.


Traditionally, Nords have wrinkled skin and have a strip of white hair down the middle of their heads. Amalda's people are a little different and have smooth, pale skin, can see in low-light conditions, have nimble hands, and are stout, broad, hardy, and able to withstand extremely cold temperatures. They can see into the infrared part of the spectrum. Some have ice-blue eyes. They have to wear blinders on worlds with brighter suns.


Nordra is a high-gravity, mountainous, arctic world in the Inner Rim Territories (N-14). The planet is tectonically active and the Nord live in heat-absorbing cities near the lava lakes and lava streams in the warmer valleys of the planet. The planet is on the Hydian Way (locally known as the Hydianischen) but it is so close to the Itani Nebula that most travellers use the Itani Run to bypass the navigationally difficult area. Neighboring planets include Babbadod and Perithal. Nordra's local HoloNet is called the NordFeed.

Nordra was not known to the rest of the galaxy until Freia Kallea mapped the southern Hydian Way around 3000 BBY. Nordra was originally not on the Hydian Way but the course of the hyperroute change over time until Nordra was exactly on the Hydian Way. But travellers usually bypass the planet because of the proximity of the Itani Nebula so Nordra has remained a largely isolated planet.


Amalda's people speak with an Arkanian accent. Arkania is a tundra world from the Colonies/Northern Dependencies (M-8). It is in the Perave system. Arkania's star is called Olim. Arkania is known for its scientists, who are great geneticists, and for their miners. Arkania has many diamond mines and other gemstones. Arkania was discovered by the galactic community around 25,000 - 20,000 BBY. The Arkanians geneticists created the Quermians from the Xexto by 17,000 BBY. By around 6900 BBY, the planet had fallen under the control of the Sith Empire. The Jedi defeated the Sith around 5000 BBY and restored the planet to the Arkanians.

By the time of the Great Sith War, 4000 - 3996 BBY, Arkania was inhabited by both pure-blooded Arkanians, who were held in high regard, and Arkanian offshoots, who had been genetically modified to be miners or fulfill other tasks. The Arkanian Offshoots faced much persecution and were considered no better than tools. Sometimes Arkanians infected Arkanian Offshoots with plagues to thin their numbers. Nevertheless, Arca Jeth, an Arkanian/Sephi offshoot, gained much fame on Arkania as a Jedi during the Great Sith War. He purged the Sith from Arkania and trained Ulic and Cay Qel-Droma and other famous Jedi.

Arkanians have white eyes and hair, tan skin, four-clawed hands, and can live to be over 103. They can see into the infrared part of the spectrum. Arkanians are known for being very proud and for considering themselves to be the pinnacle of evolution. Despite their arrogance towards other races, Arkanians can become extremely offended by the impolite actions of others. Immediate apologies and gifts are needed to restore harmony or the Arkanians may lock up the ship of the offending parties. Arkanian scientists are also known for their dedication to their research, which may take generations to complete.


According to the traditions of Amalda's people, her people were created by Mahal. They were driven from their home by an Arkanian Dragon. Arkanian Dragons were semi-sentient and could fly up to 3000 meters into the sky and could fly as fast as 140 km per hour. They were protected by hardened scales and the ability to breath fire, yet they declined and were considered extinct by 4000 BBY. However, there are stories of more recent sightings in abandoned diamond mines. Amalda's people claim to have encountered one such survivor who drove them from their homes on Arkania.

Amalda's birth city

Amalda was born in a ghetto outside of Kanti, Arkania. Kanti would become famous for a multi-player brawl over the Regional Dejarik Championship. Ohh Bronna, an Abyssin and the sector champion, was suddenly defeated in the quarter finals by Corwin Kaezeb, a Siniteen. Six players became involved in the brawl. Dejarik began as a Jedi game, although most players no longer know the origin of the game. Dejarik is played on a hologame table. The hologram generator displays holomonsters which are moved across a checkerboard top. The hologame pieces represent real and mythical creatures throughout the galaxy, such as Mantellian Savrip (a giant race long considered non-sentient but was actually sentient but with a primitive technology), Grimtaash the Molator (the legendary spirit of this long-nosed, three-fingered creature was said to protect the House of Alderaan from betrayal), Ghhhk, Houjix, Ng'ok War Beast (a many-clawed creature), Kintan Strider (semi-sentient creatures whose heads were almost in line with their arms; they were used by the Hutts; this was one of the most recognizable of the dejarik peices), K'lor'slug, and the M'onnok.

Amalda the Wanderer

Like many of her people, Amalda has left Arkania in search of a homeland that will treat her people with more respect. Amalda has worked in the diamond mines on Arkania, the Tumanian pressure-ruby and ice moon mines on Tumani in the Hapes Cluster, and the nova crystal mines on Mygeeto.

Now Amalda has answered the call of Thorin, son of Thrain, son of Thror, to gather on Coruscant, where Thorin is working to find a homeland for Amalda's people. Thorin has asked for his people to help him canvas the Senate and raise money for their resettlement efforts. Amalda has opened a shop where she sells jewelry, gems, and other products that relate to geology. One of her more unusual but popular items is rejuvenating green mud soap from Piringiisi on Sullust (inspired by the rejuvenating green mud baths of Piringiisi, per Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds: Star Wars Role-playing Game).

Note: the source for the image is Braun and Schneider's Historic Costume, a Dover CD-ROM and Book.

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