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I am Princess Arynthya of Troy, former High Priestess of Athena, second daughter of Lysander, High Priest of Apollo, and Damara, Princess of Troy. You may know me as Arynthya the Wise or Arynthya the Merciful, the wife of Prince Deiphobus, second son of King Priam of Troy. I prefer to go by my given name even though I cherish my title, and the duties that go along with it, but say it all the time can get tiring. I was born and raised in Troy, the grandest cities of the ancient world that is until it was ruined by the war with the Greeks.

With my older sister, Adara, I grew up not with the restraint of royalty or nobility but somewhat of a commoner. She and I were not close, she was often mean to me but I loved her because she was my only sibling. Over time because of such heartache, like the loss of our mother due to illness, we became closer. It is in this time when I first fell in love with Prince Deiphobus, my uncle through my mother's side of the family, one day at King Priam’s Palace. Our love developed greatly under the restrictions that we weren’t allowed to marry, I never knew why though, but that never kept us apart, right? No, that wasn’t always true.

Due to this war, which you call the Trojan War, we lost many men, such as my beloved father at the end of it. All through the war, I prayed for the safe delivery of my sweetheart but my heart was soon turned cold. The day I found out that Deiphobus had betrayed me with the "Spartan Whore", as the women started to call her, Princess Helen of Troy, former Queen of Sparta – whom Paris of Troy had stolen for himself. As it turns out, after Paris's death Deiphobus had went after Helen to be his wife. I wish not to ponder upon such days for even now it brings me much pain. Because of what my true love did to me, I dedicated myself to Athena, my patron goddess, by becoming High Priestess at the sacred temple in Troy.

Over time, after the horrid war with the Greeks, thanks-be to the gods, my Deiphobus returned to me! I forgave him for all of his affairs. Then the joyous day of the greatest days of my life came. We were finally married as Troy’s rebuilding had begun. I became a wife and princess as well as a priestess, which Athena herself granted of me. With a new Troy, a new royal family appeared with Prince Deiphobus and I, and Princess Polyxena and her husband, the hero of Troy, Ilius. Plus my sister Adara, who is royalty through our mother. The new Troy will live on forever through all of us!

Ever since the survivors of the Trojan War with the Greeks, Sparta has kept a strong grip on Troy. Since the disappearance of Deiphobus and Ilius, Polyxena’s husband, the duty of Trojan royalty has fallen upon Polyxena and myself, while I awaited the arrival of my unborn child. We rule Troy under Spartan authority with hardly any power to our titles. All of the annoyances and anger of the Spartans grew once Helen of Sparta, now known to the world as Helen of Troy, had returned to the country she had destroyed. For our people, Polyxena and I have stayed strong and protected the Spartan-Trojan alliance as best as well could for the protection of our people.

In the midst of everything there have been arrivals of other survivors, such as my relatives Astyanax and Creusa, my friend who is like a little sister to me Adeia Eurydike, and a fellow Trojan Erigone. Even though there is still much suspicion and hatred still exists between the Trojans and the Spartans, somehow an unlikely friendship will form between Helen and myself, thus changing Troy's future but will it be enough to safe Troy from an inevitable war?



2005 birthday present from Adeia Eurydike.


2006 birthday presents from Adeia Eurydike!


Gifts to Artemis from Adeia Eurydike celebrating the births of Dardanos and Deiphobe!

2007 Birthday Present!


Graphics designed by one of my best friends, Adeia Eurydike.

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The Romanovs - One Last Dance
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