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In the Interstellar Geographic Novel:

Shigeru Wakabayashi is one of the four senior Reiver Captains of The Brotherhood. His flagship is The Nippon. The ships under his command are The Yamato, The Edo, The Shirakawa, The Ichindar, The Kurashiki, and The Hokanu.

Full Name –Shigeru Wakabayashi
Nickname –The Samurai
Birth Date –12 July 2659
Astrological Sign and Details --Cancer
Birth Place –Osaka, Nippon (Call his country of origin Japan, he’ll filet you)
Age --41
Race –Nipponese (Call him Japanese, he’ll skewer you)
Hair Color --black
Hair Style –combed and clean
Shape and Features of Face --Asian
Eye Color --black
Skin Tone –honey-tan
Any Scars or Distinguishing Marks –an assortment, mostly faded, all over his body
Build or Body Type –Lithe, athletic—halfway between stocky and slim
Height –6’ 1”
Weight --170

Mother –Emeko Yamani Sarazawa
Father –Akira Wakabayashi
Parents' Occupations –both swordsmiths
Family Finances --comfortable
Brothers –none
Sisters –none
Other Close Family –That is not your concern
Best Friend --dead
Other Friends –mostly all dead
Home Life During Childhood --happy
Any Sports or Clubs –Western fencing clubs.
Schooling --yes
Favorite Subject –The Way of the Samurai
Popular or Loner –Popular, a born leader
Important Experiences or Events –USS Fleet career; being court-martialled; turning to reiving for reasons known only to him
Health Problems --no
Culture –Nipponese, Samurai
Religion --Shinto

Bad Habits –accepts duels if challenged
Strong Points – Honorable; Intelligent; Crafty; leads by example
Temperament –Usually pretty even-tempered, unless challenged on a point of honor.
Attitude –Calm, somewhat reserved
Weakness –doesn’t show any
Fears –doesn’t admit to any
Secrets –guards them closely
Regrets –Lynda ‘Kat’ McCartney
Feels Vulnerability When –Thinking of what could/should have been
Pet Peeves –dishonorable people (including most of his associates)
Conflicts –The Fleet, Arai Sakuradai
Motivation –Regaining personal/family honor
Goals and Hopes –Regaining personal/family honor; anything more is no one else’s business
Exercise Routine –Martial arts
Speech –Cultured and articulate; speaks ten languages
Day or Night Person --Both
Introvert or Extrovert --Both
Optimist or Pessimist --Both

Music –Classical Japanese music
Books –Has an extensive library, both paper and electronic
Foods –Eats well
Drinks --Sake
Social Issues –Anything that impinges on the honor of his beloved Nippon
Color --blue
Clothing –Dresses like a Samurai
Home --The Nippon
Household furnishings --some
Favorite Possession --The Nippon
His five hundred year old katana.
Neighborhood –Coldharbour
Town or City Name –Libertalia, Coldharbour
Details of Town or City – under construction

Married Before --no
Children –Kuronedo McCartney Sarazawa
Relationship with Family –he is persona non grata, disgraced
Best Friend –Used to be ‘Kat’ McCartney
Other Friends –acquaintances galore; friends, not likely in this line of work….
Career --Reiver
Dream Career –Captain of his own fleet, not necessarily reivers
Dream Life –Looks as unattainable as it has for the last twenty-odd years….
Hobbies –wood carving
Talents – too many to enumerate
Finances –Never reives and tells
Past Careers –USS Fleet Officer
Past Lovers –Lynda ‘Kat’ McCartney
Biggest Mistakes –Being disgraced in an incident he refuses to discuss
Biggest Achievements—Becoming a genuine Power in the hierarchy of The Brotherhood.

The Nippon

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