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In the Interstellar Geographic Novel:

Full Name -- Jakob Teal
Nickname -- Jake - but never did like it
Birth Date -- 01-Jun-2674
Astrological Sign and Details -- Gemini
Birth Place -- Somewhere between the Sun and the Moon and Jupiter and Mars
Age -- 26
Race -- Caucasian
Hair Color -- Dark Brown
Hair Style -- short, wavy
Eye Color -- Dark Blue-Gray
Skin Tone -- Tanned
Any Scars or Distinguishing Marks -- Scar over right eye / 3"scar inside lower left arm
Build or Body Type -- Athletic, toned
Height -- 6'
Weight -- 175lbs

Mother -- Danke Boerne (deceased)
Father -- Horatio Mathias Teal (deceased)
Parents' Occupations -- Free Traders/father captain of transport ship…Aegean Sea
Family Finances -- Stable
Brothers -- Lukas ~ Twin/older by 12 minutes; Micah ~ 8yrs younger
Best Friend -- Lukas
Other Friends -- A few here and there in various ports
Home Life During Childhood -- Adventurous at best… always in space
Any Sports or Clubs -- Pool; racquetball; running;
Schooling -- Home schooled'; school of hard knocks
Favorite Subject -- Mechanics
Popular or Loner -- More of the loner … until we got to port
Important Experiences or Events -- Finished 3 years at university; had to quit due to lack of funding after parents killed.
Health Problems -- None

Bad Habits -- Tends to have bad 'first impression' people skills
Strong Points -- Determination
Temperament -- Even - most of the time
Attitude -- Yes
Weakness -- His family - though he won't admit it (yet)
Fears -- Admitting the truth about his family
Secrets -- Family
Regrets -- Family
Feels Vulnerability When -- He has no control over situation; It relates to family
Pet Peeves -- Not being trusted, among other things.
Conflicts -- Family
Motivation -- Family
Goals and Hopes -- no real ones at this point
Exercise Routine -- whenever he can
Speech -- Educated
Tag Words --
Day or Night Person -- Yes, prefer night - less people to deal with when he's trying to work.
Introvert or Extrovert -- extrovert once he feels comfortable with his surroundings
Optimist or Pessimist -- Optimist

Music -- Yes
Books -- Yes (mostly tech manuals)
Foods -- Yes
Drinks -- Yes
Sports -- Yes
Social Issues -- Don’t we all
Color -- Teal… DUH!
Clothing -- Prefer - unless with 'company'
TV Shows -- News programs… especially when talking about reivers
Movies -- Sometimes

Home -- Space
Household furnishings -- Space
Favorite Possession -- Guitar
Neighborhood -- Space
Town or City Name -- Space
Details of Town or City -- Space
Married Before -- No
Children -- No
Relationship with Family -- None
Best Friend -- Micah
Other Friends -- None
Career -- Mechanic
Dream Career -- Mechanical engineer
Dream Life -- Working as mechanical engineer, traveling around in space
Hobbies -- Tinkering with engines and other mechanical devises
Talents --
Finances -- Adequate
Health Problems -- None

Past Careers -- Student; mechanic on tug boat
Past Lovers -- Too self absorbed
Biggest Mistakes -- *Probably kicking that lieutenant*
Biggest Achievements -- *Getting away with kicking that lieutenant*

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Braeden's Command and Control
Free Traders

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